WCSO participates in Click it or Ticket program


The Washington County Sheriff's Office is one of several agencies across the state and country participating in a campaign to encourage drivers to use their seatbelts properly.

The nationwide Click it or Ticket program will run through June 5.

With a grant from the Nebraska Department of Transportation Highway Safety office, deputies participating will place themselves on the roadways in order to catch individuals who aren't wearing their seatbelts.

Lt. Butch Groves took Monday to begin the campaign, and covered two shifts to look for traffic violations, as well as improper seatbelt usage, which is a secondary offense in the state of Nebraska.

During the first shift, Groves stopped 13 drivers for traffic violations and cited two for improper seatbelt usage.

During his second shift, Groves stopped eight individuals for speeding or for improper stops at a stopping sign, and cited one individual for improper use of their seatbelt.

Those found to be in violation of this are charged a $25 fine, Groves said.

Groves said it's important for officers to look for these violations and cite drivers so they remain safe on the roadways.

"The state really emphasizes, let's cite, bring people awareness so they remember, 'Hey, last time I didn't wear a seatbelt, I got a ticket,'" he said. "It all comes down to accidents. If you're in an accident and wearing a seatbelt, there's a better chance of you not being injured."