Washington County Family Livestock Judging Contest


Is there really an activity that can help with quick decision making, confidence building and relate back to the livestock industry?


Livestock judging allows youth to gain life skills such as communication, decision making, and being able to defend the decisions they have made. An added bonus of livestock judging is a great way to test youth’s knowledge of livestock, keeping up with the industry, and getting a personal view of product that will turn into food on their plate.

Just like 4-H, livestock judging can be a great activity for the whole family. The Washington County Livestock Judging Contest also supports the entire family competing. The contest will be held June 6 starting at 5 p.m. with registration. The contest will be scored on six classes consisting of beef, sheep, hogs and meat goats, as well as a reasons class and questions.

In addition to the contest and meal, youth who are a livestock project member will be able to test their knowledge to be entered in the Livestock Bowl. Youth who exhibit sheep, meat goats, beef or hogs will be eligible to compete in this contest which will take scores from showmanship placing, the Family Livestock Judging Contest and showmanship placing during the Washington County Fair held July 30-Aug. 4.

To get involved in the 4-H program, contact the Nebraska Extension in Washington County Office at (402) 426-9455. Or contact your local Nebraska Extension Office. To stay up to date on what’s happening in the Washington County 4-H program, follow our social media pages! Facebook: Nebraska Extension- Washington County. Twitter: @WCNE4H.


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