Washington Co Board of Supervisors The Board met at 3:11 pm on Tue, July 26, 2022 in the Supervisor’s meeting room at the Courthouse in Blair, Nebr. Present: Chairman Steve Dethlefs, Co Board …


Washington Co Board of Supervisors The Board met at 3:11 pm on Tue, July 26, 2022 in the Supervisor’s meeting room at the Courthouse in Blair, Nebr. Present: Chairman Steve Dethlefs, Co Board Members, Lisa Kramer, Jay Anderson, Jordan Rishel, Bob Frahm, Kevin Barnhill, and Steven Kruger. Also present, Co Clk Barb Sullivan, Shrf Mike Robinson, and Co Atty Scott Vander Schaaf. Board unanimously approved the agenda for 7/26 and the minutes for the 7/12/22 meeting. Claims were received, reviewed, and approved unanimously approved. Board voted unanimously to receive and place correspondence from NE Forest Service, 2022 Missouri River East Community Wildfire Protections Plan. At 3:13 p.m. the board voted unanimously to go into closed session for the purpose of discussing attorney client privileged information, attorney client privileged information regarding current, potential, imminent threat of litigation and contact negotiations involving Washington County. Those present in closed session were 7 board members, Co Atty Vander Schaaf, Chris Shewchuk, & Nicole Johnson. Board voted unanimously to come out of closed session at 3:25 p.m. There was no action in open session. Bill Hansel gave a brief update to Road Dept projects. Board voted unanimously to adopt Res 2022-18; setting the date for a public hearing on the request to vacate a portion of Washington Ave right-of-way in Sect 31-17-13. Chris Shewchuk, Planning Admin, had the following public hearings: 1) Dale & Sheryl Moll request Lot Split & Change of Zone from A-1 to A-LSR for property located at 17609 Co Rd 3, Hooper. Shewchuk went through request then the Chairman opened a public hearing. There were no public comments. Board unanimously approved request for a one-time lot split for Dale & Sheryl Moll. Board voted unanimously to adopt Res 2022-19; rezoning a portion of the SE1/4 of the NE1/4 of Sect 8-19-9 from A-1 to A-LSR. 2) Robert & Jannett Skrydlak request a Preliminary Plat to create a two-lot subdivision and a change of zone from A-1 to RS-2 for property located 10225 Old Oak Ln, Blair. Shewchuk went through the request then Atty Edmond Talbot and applicant Robert Skrydlak addressed the board. There were no comments during public hearing. Board voted unanimously to deny request for a Preliminary Plat and waiver of the drainage study for a two-lot subdivision of TLs 71 & 75 is Sect 7-17-12. There was no Extension Office update. Nebr Loess Hills RC&D members Jim Peterson, Debra Ward, & Kathy Rhea discussed future of tire recycling in Wash Co as they have had to cancel to program this year. Co Atty Vander Schaaf discussed agreement with District Six Adult Drug Court and stated there were no changes to contract. Board voted unanimously to authorize Chairman to sign Interlocal Agreement with Dist Six Adult Drug Court. Board voted unanimously to authorize Chairman to sign Solid Waste Disposal Contract Agreements. Public comments: Ben Stangl spoke. Committee Reports: Finance is meeting with office heads to discuss budget proposals. CLAIMS: GENERAL FUND, EMPLOYEES, Payroll 7/22/22236,777.64 AMERITAS LIFE INSURANCE CORP, Retirement 16,459.94 UNITED HEALTHCARE INS CO, Life-Dental-Vision 1,069.66 WASHINGTON COUNTY-INSURANCE FUND, Health Ins. 51,050.56 WASHINGTON COUNTY BANK, FICA/MEDI 17,369.48 WASHINGTON COUNTY BANK, H.S.A. 10,320.49 AIRGAS USA, LLC, Inmate Care 93.70 ALL MAKES OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO, Supplies 30.00 LORI ANDERSON, Mileage 32.50 LORI BENSEN, Reimb/Postage 109.23 BLACK HILLS ENERGY, Serv 6,335.65 BLAIR ACE HARDWARE, Supplies 156.94 BOMGAARS, Supplies 28.23 TAMARA S BURBACH, Transcript 187.50 TAMMI BURBACH, Reimb/Supplies 433.09 GREGORY BYELICK, Reimb/Training 246.03 CAMPBELL AMAN FUNERAL HOME, Serv 1,000.00 NICOLE CAVANAUGH, Public Defender 2,291.66 CITY OF BLAIR, Serv/Library Fees 932.71 CLERK OF DISTRICT COURT, Appeal 206.25 CLERK OF DISTRICT COURT, Filing Fees 108.00 CONNIE'S BLAIR BAKERY, Supplies 47.85 CREDIT BUREAU SERVICES, INC., Serv 40.52 DAS STATE ACCNTING-CENTRAL FINANCE, Fees 408.38 DOUGLAS COUNTY SHERIFF, Fees 74.76 PAT DUNN, Public Defender 6,666.66 EAKES OFFICE SOLUTIONS, Supplies 8.70 EASTERN NEBRASKA HUMAN SERVICES AG, ENCOR/ENOA 22,689.00 ELECTRONIC CONTRACTING COMPANY, INC, Repairs 455.00 ENTERPRISE MEDIA GROUP, Printing/Notices 288.10 FAMILY DENTAL CENTERS PC, Inmate Care 511.00 FIRST NATIONAL BANK, Fuel/Supplies 575.41 FIRST NATIONAL BANK OMAHA, Fees 17.79 FLENTJE LAW, LLC, Court Appt Atty 2,549.00 FORENSIC ALCOHOL CONSULTING/TRAIN, Serv 360.00 GREAT AMERICA FINANCIAL SVCS, Copier Lease 213.17 GREAT PLAINS UNIFORMS LLC, Supplies 165.00 HILLYARD, INC., Supplies 447.53 HIRCHERT-OLSEN AUTO SERVICE INC., Repairs/Serv 122.88 BRADY JOHN HOEKSTRA, Public Defender 2,500.00 PAMELA LYNN HOPKINS, Court Appt Atty 1,072.50 HUFF TIRE, INC., Repairs 27.00 HUNTEL COMMUNICATIONS INC, Renewal Fees 194.40 IDEAL PURE WATER, Serv 262.60 INFOSAFE SHREDDING, INC, Serv 420.00 INTERNATIONAL CODE COUNCIL, INC., Dues 247.00 ASHLEY JUDKINS, Reimb/Training 755.66 KONICA MINOLTA PREMIER FINANCE, Copier Lease 199.48 LANGER ELECTRIC CO, INC., Supplies 850.00 MAPA, Fees 5,112.00 JANE MCNEIL, Public Defender 2,291.66 MEMORIAL COMMUNITY HOSPITAL, Inmate Care 2,851.16 MMC MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS, INC., Repairs 801.00 MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS, Repairs 770.00 NE HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES, Regional Center 180.00 OFFICE WAREHOUSE, Supplies 1,212.78 OMAHA PUBLIC POWER DISTRICT, Serv 231.23 PFI, Storage 40.00 PHILLIPS 66 - CONOCO - 76, Fuel 2,083.35 PHYSICIANS LABORATORY PC, Serv 4,297.00 POTTAWATTAMIE COUNTY SHERIFFS DEPT, Fees 36.00 CALVIN POULSEN, GIS Serv 1,650.00 POUNDS PRINTING INC, Supplies 358.44 RADIOLOGY CONSULTANTS PC, Inmate Care 282.00 REDFIELD & COMPANY INC, Supplies 422.22 ROCHESTER MIDLAND CORPORATION, Serv 735.00 SARPY COUNTY SHERIFF, Fees 39.18 SHOTWELL GLASS LLC, Serv 320.00 SUMMIT FOOD SERVICE, LLC, Food Serv 18,725.40 THE SIGN DEPOT LLC, Supplies 74.00 TURNKEY TECHNOLOGY, LLC, Serv 219.95 VERIZON WIRELESS, Serv 40.01 VERIZON WIRELESS, Serv 876.84 WALKERS UNIFORM RENTAL, Serv 40.12 WASHINGTON COUNTY BANK, Box Rental 55.00 WASHINGTON COUNTY SHERIFF, Petty Cash 191.54 WEX BANK, Fuel 384.98 WOODHOUSE FORD INC, Repairs 119.04 YOST, SCAFERSMAN, YOST, LAMME, Court Appt Atty 1,856.25 ROAD FUND, EMPLOYEES, Payroll 7/22/22 49,855.20 AMERITAS LIFE INSURANCE CORP, Retirement 3,365.17 UNITED HEALTHCARE INS CO, Life-Dental-Vision 413.10 WASHINGTON COUNTY-INSURANCE FUND, Health Ins. 11,201.85 WASHINGTON COUNTY BANK, FICA/MEDI 3,650.78 WASHINGTON COUNTY BANK, H.S.A. 2,531.25 CARLY ANDERSON, Reimb/Notary 30.00 BOMGAARS, Parts/Supplies 367.88 FIRST NATIONAL BANK, Supplies 462.51 WILLIAM HANSEL, Cell Reimb 54.00 HI-LINE INC, Supplies 124.53 HOTSY EQUIPMENT COMPANY INC, Parts 193.50 HUFF TIRE, INC., Repairs 81.00 MEDICAL ENTERPRISES, INC, Serv 105.00 RAKA RENTALS, Rentals 2,524.31 SHOTWELL GLASS LLC, Parts/Labor 417.48 TURNKEY TECHNOLOGY, LLC, Repairs 50.00 WALKERS UNIFORM RENTAL, Serv 880.66 HARD SURFACING FUND, WESTERN ENGINEERING COMPANY INC, Serv263,919.80 INSURANCE FUND, AUXIANT, Claims/Fees138,765.54 PARETO HEALTH, Serv 238.00 DRUG COURT, CAPITAL ONE, Supplies 160.00 JUVENILE SERVICES GRANT, EMPLOYEES, Payroll 7/22/22 1,923.00 AMERITAS LIFE INSURANCE CORP, Retirement 129.80 UNITED HEALTHCARE INS CO, Life-Dental-Vision 17.15 WASHINGTON COUNTY-INSURANCE FUND, Health Ins. 452.48 WASHINGTON COUNTY BANK, FICA/MEDI 147.03 WASHINGTON COUNTY BANK, H.S.A. 93.75 HIGHWAY SAFETY FUND, EMPLOYEES, Payroll 7/22/22 1,195.08 AMERITAS LIFE INSURANCE CORP, Retirement 92.62 WASHINGTON COUNTY BANK, FICA/MEDI 91.41 911 ENHANCED WIRELESS, CENTURYLINK, Serv 11,339.35 E-911 FUND, CENTURYLINK, Serv 4,631.57 Meeting was adjourned at 4:19 p.m. Steve Dethlefs, Chairman: Attest: Barbara Sullivan, County Clerk. A complete text of the minutes and Resolutions are on file in the office of the County Clerk, 1555 Colfax St, and are available for public inspection during regular business hours, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. ZNEZ ENT 8-5-22


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