Trade in Facebook posts for filing papers


Do you have an idea that may make the school district better? Do you have a complaint about how the city is spending money? Do you feel like you are not being properly represented by your respective county position or city board?

If so, run for election.

The filling deadline for non-incumbent candidates to land on the May primary ballot is March 1. Multiple positions at both the county and city levels are available and the beauty is, almost anyone can run, provided they satisfy the proper guidelines for filing.

Too often, Facebook and other social media channels are inundated by posts and comments criticizing the decisions of local government officials, county and city boards and other decision makers. These posts can contain harmful and overly critical language at times, but, on the surface, they also contain suggestions to improve some things and posit questions that may need to be asked.

Some information and ideas included in social media posts or posited in day to day conversations are constructive, are made with hope that a certain situation improves and are ideas made from a fresh perspective.

Unfortunately, however, the names attached to those posts and comments are often absent from ballots for races at which they're directed.

It's really easy to sit behind a computer or smartphone and fire off a couple of sentences pointed at a board or individual and it's easy because those comments rarely come with repercussions. But they also aren't often considered by those they're directed at because we've accustomed ourselves to seeing that internet behavior as “trolling” and unserious.

If you make these comments and are serious about them, again, run for election. Running for election, holding public office and getting involved with politics is not for everyone. It is a time consuming venture that involves putting yourself in the spotlight and having to make controversial decisions.

But by throwing your hat in the ring, you show that you have a vested interest in the community and feel like you have ideas you believe will not only improve a board or organization, but move it forward as well.

Posting the comment demanding the board consider x issue may feel good, but wouldn't it feel better to be the person who helped get it resolved?


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