EDITORIAL: Put your words to a vote


Tuesday is the day to put your social media comments, concerns and criticisms in action.

With spots for Governor, District 16, Blair's mayor, three school boards and Blair City Council on the Nov. 8 ballot, you have the chance to choose local and statewide leadership for the next couple of years. This is an opportunity to help influence change if you think it's needed or keep current leadership if you think they're doing an admirable job.

Too often, we see low voter turnout at elections that don't involve major national races then complaints or comments about the candidates who were chosen that year. The ability to criticize and question the actions and motives is a right given to us by the constitution and one of the things that makes this country free.

But that right also goes in hand with the right to vote. By voting, you put those words in action. You show that you're serious about your political opinions while exercising one of our cherished freedoms. Voting isn't the final step of this process, but it's a start. Holding an elected official accountable through phone calls, messages and attending meetings instead of just complaining on social media is another step towards local accountability.

It's easy to sit behind a computer or a phone and discuss what's going on in the community and offer criticisms and opinions, but if that's the only form of expression done by a majority of the population, it's hard to expect change. That's not to say these discussions and forums aren't important, they're just simply one part of a machine of public input.

Voting, showing up to meetings and being vocal either in support or opposition helps put words into action. In recent weeks, we've already seen a high amount of interest in the election process through yard signs, letters to the editor, positive attendance by both public and candidates in forums and advertisements in support or opposition of a candidate. It's a good start and one that should reflect on the final results on Nov. 8.


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