LETTER TO THE EDITORIAL: The art of the con


We see members of our society supporting an adulterer, a habitual liar, that is so cruel he separated innocent children from their parents, and who routinely throws people under the bus, because he cares not for people, only for their praise and narcissism.

It appears these people have lost their moral compass and their souls are now in the grasp of the Devil. This spell of cult-like worship cast upon these “MAGA” minions is very troubling and has not been seen since the Jonestown Massacre or the Hale-Bopp cult where so many lives were lost. It is a reminder of how vulnerable we can be to the power of persuasion.

The question before us, will there be enough Democratic votes cast to save us from their obsession? If not, we can resolve ourselves to a life of servitude under an autocracy. No more second amendment gun protection, no more women's rights, no more Constitution.

Be careful of what you wish, democracy hangs in the balance

William Burdess

Fort Calhoun