EDITORIAL: Support students as fall activities begin


A very slight chill is, or at least has been, in the air and students are back in school.

That means fall activities are underway.

The action began last week with softball. Cross-country, golf, football and volleyball joined the fray shortly after. Concerts, dances, art shows and fine arts competitions will soon follow.

This marks the start of a potential 9 to 10 month grind for area students as they tackle activities outside of the classroom. They'll spend hours after school prepping for contests, competitions, performances and games before ever facing off against the opponent on the other side or stepping in front of the audience.

The best way to acknowledge their sacrifices and hard work towards their goals is to get out and support them. Bored on a Friday? Find your nearest high school football stadium and take in the sights and sounds. Restless kids at home? Take them to a volleyball game or to a band concert.

Attending school activities is a win-win because it supports the students and gives them an audience to which to perform. Nothing gets the adrenaline pumping faster than looking out to see a crowd, so why not be a part of that for these kids?

While we're on the subject, let's acknowledge the people who keep the facilities in-tune all summer long so they're ready for action. A good example of this is the work that's gone on at Krantz Field. Behind the scenes, school staff and construction crews worked to replace the concession stand and bathrooms, build a new ticket booth and replace the grass field with brand new field turf.

Krantz looked different than it did a year ago and for the better. The improvements alone are worth attending a game or event.

There are many opportunities to get out into the community this fall and into the rest of the school year. Even if it's just once, showing up to support teams, groups and organizations means the world to the students. So this year, if you haven't before, find time to attend a school event.


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