City should take a look at these problematic intersections


Sit at the intersection of 16th and Front streets in Blair and you're likely to see several near miss accidents on a regular basis.

This junction is a two-way stop, likely due to the railroad crossing. But what makes it difficult to pass through, especially for traffic heading west on Front Street, is the parking at the northeast corner of 16th and Front streets.

If high profile vehicles, like a pickup truck, are parked in those first two stalls, it's nearly impossible to see around it. Cars can be seen inching their way nearly into the middle of the intersection to see if there is traffic heading south on 16th Street before trying to cross.

There have been several accidents at this intersection over the years.

This isn't the only intersection where street parking poses this problem. The intersections around the Washington County Courthouse on 16th Street at South and Colfax streets have been an issue. And Grant and Lincoln streets at 17th and 18th streets have also been problematic.

Parking is at a premium in downtown Blair so removing a few spots to improve the line of sight would be a tough decision. Another option would be to make all of these intersections four-way stops.
The City of Blair should evaluate and study these precarious junctions for possible solutions. In the meantime, drivers need to pay attention, slow down and be aware of the potential for oncoming traffic.


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