Bear Tracks staff receives honors at national convention


The Bear Tracks staff received two honors April 4 at the National Journalism Convention in Kansas City, Mo.

Bear Tracks was recognized for Excellence in Service Journalism for their interview project with senior citizens at Carter Place. In addition to a certificate, they were awarded a $100 check. 

On Friday, at the UNO Media Contest, along with individual awards, the team also received the Outstanding Journalism Program of the Year for Division B.

Bear Tracks Staff: Jacinta Flynn - Co-Editor, Ruby Gutzmann - Co-Editor, Emma Leaders - Advertisement Manager, Makenzie Maine - Managerial Editor, Alice Thomas - Broadcasting Editor, Emma Ammon - Reporter, Joslyn Beebe - Reporter, Hayden Bradley - Reporter, Kember Huber - Reporter, Ruby Petersen - Reporter, Natalia Roberts - Reporter and Kelli Westphal - Advisor.