Washington County residents with extra sanitizing products or sewing hobbies can now donate their supplies or skills to help Memorial Community Hospital and Health System (MCH&HS).

The Washington County Chamber of Commerce is accepting donations of cloth masks and other supplies for MCH&HS, said Chamber Executive Director Jordan Rishel.

Rishel said she's seen on Facebook that places are running out of sanitizing supplies as people take precautions for COVID-19, so she reached out to MCH&HS President and CEO Manny Wolf, who is on the chamber board, to see if the hospital needed any supplies.

"Not really knowing what the response would be, and then she emailed me back with specific things that they needed and kind of went from there," Rishel said.

Any person or business who would donate needed supplies can drop them off at the chamber entry way or the chamber's back alley door. In a Tuesday afternoon Facebook post, the chamber listed the following items needed at MCH&HS:

•Any protective suits (painting suits work, or the suits provided by FEMA for flood cleanup)

•1/4 or 1/8 elastic for hospital personnel sewing masks

•12 by 12 inch new micro fiber rags

•Disposable shoe covers (painters covers will work well)

•Water resistant material to sew isolation gowns

•Any size scrubs

•Hand sanitizer, Clorox disinfectant wipes or Lysol disinfectant spray

People looking to donate can also sew their own cloth masks for the hospital. The chamber's Facebook post includes a comment with directions for how to sew the masks.

Rishel said the chamber will accept donations for at least the next month.

"Until (Wolf) tells me they're no longer needed," she said.

Rishel said the supplies could go to MCH&HS Fort Calhoun and Tekamah clinics, not only the hospital in Blair.

"There's no reason we can't have a little bit of extra supplies...if you ask anybody they've had trouble getting supplies for awhile now, so if anybody happens to have some, now we know we're going to get them to use," Rishel said. "At least we know they're going to proper use."

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