Times Gone By

Rev. Henry Kleinart and five Arlington boys made a 100-mile canoeing trip in 1951, making the Enterprise newspaper for their efforts. They are pictured here going under the Highway 30 bridge on the Elkhorn River.

Editor's Note: “A Look at Times Gone By” is an in-depth look at weekly Times Gone By entries compiled since 2015. These articles represent the history of Washington County sports.

Rev. Henry Kleinert was a pastor at Methodist churches in Arlington and Kennard in 1951.

He also just so happened to be rated as a canoeing expert, according to Enterprise Media Group reports from that year.

Rev. Kleinert, who learned about canoes in Madison, Wis., practiced his religion, but also his outdoors skills one weekend when he and five Arlington boys — including four from Boy Scout Troop 145 — made a 100-mile river trip. The two-canoe crew started their journey down the Elkhorn River on Friday, made camp on a bank that night and finished their journey on the Platte River near the Highway 6 bridge north of Ashland on Saturday evening.

Jim Keenan, Bill Reckmeyer, Maurice Renard, Lyle Thompson and Larry Nelson made the trip with Rev. Kleinert, meeting their parents at the finish and having their photo printed in the newspapers that followed the adventure.

The 100-mile trip made local headlines, but was hardly Kleinert's most notable journey. The pastor once made the long canoe trip to the mouth of the Mississippi River.

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