A look at exterior work on the west side of the new Washington County Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Center on Wednesday.

Unforeseen circumstances and impacts of COVID-19 outside of Washington County and Weitz Company's control have slowed some work on the new Washington County Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Center.

The subcontractor completing elevator work in the facility has not been on site for several days Jared Schleifer, project manager for Weitz told the Washington County Board of Supervisors during their meeting Tuesday.

"We did have a little set back with our elevator installer," Schleifer said, citing personal family concerns of the subcontractor. "That is a setback for us. If we can't get the elevator installed, we can't finish our final inspections, and that just pushes everything back from there. But we're doing everything we can."

Work to tie in the facility's main sanitary sewer line to a City of Blair manhole on 15th Street has also been slowed down, Schleifer said. He said the slow down is due to elevation concerns between the man hole and where the line exists the building.

"Currently, that is at a stand still right now," he said, but Weitz is working with the city on a solution to tie in the sanitary line.

Schleifer also said the epoxy flooring subcontractor who was completing work in the maximum security portion of the jail has had several crew members out do due the coronavirus. He said only two to three workers have been on site completing work for the last couple of weeks.

"Hopefully, we can turn the corner there and get some more people on site as well," he said.

The elevator and epoxy flooring work is necessary to be complete for a full move in of the Washington County Sheriff's Office and the beginning of transfer of inmates to the new facility.

Schleifer said some final touchups were being completed in the new sheriff's office. He also said final rough-ins in the medium-security jail area were being completed on the back side of cells and mason work should be completed in the area in around two weeks.

During the board's June 9 meeting, Schleifer said the sheriff's office move-in date was July 17.

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