Webinar to focus on tips for marketing during coronavirus recovery

In an effort to help local businesses get their business up and going again following impacts from COVID-19, Enterprise Media Group (EMG) will be sponsoring a marketing webinar 10 a.m. June 4.

The webinar will be moderated by representatives from Borrell Associates, a national media marketing company, and it is open to any local area business that wants to take part.

"We're really trying to let people know we're offering this as a service to businesses whether they're our customer or not, whether they advertise with us or not," EMG Associate Publisher Chris Rhoades said. "It's something we're providing to help the overall business community, help our economy."

Rhoades said the webinar should be an hour or less, and it will cover tips for how businesses can market as they reopen from restrictions related to the coronavirus.

"It's a lot of what sort of messaging they should be sending out, different words they want to avoid, certain catch phrases they should use or try to avoid," he said. "It's a little bit different than the normal marketing world."

The marketing tips will be based on data and research from Borrell Associates about what they are seeing across various types of businesses and trade industries.

"They're doing a lot of data about consumer trends, what they're seeing from customers, and what customers are looking for from businesses," Rhoades said. "Just all kinds of research they're going to share as we open back up."

The webinar is free for businesses to join. Businesses interested in joining can contact a sales representative with EMG or sign up at https://bit.ly/RegisterJumpstart.

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