A larger portion of Ellsworth Street is getting a redesign.

At the Village of Arlington Board of Trustees meeting Monday, Jon Mooberry with JEO Consulting Group Inc. presented updates on the project, with the board approving the request to advertise for bids.

Mooberry said they started the design of the smaller portion of it in 2019, from Ninth Street to Eighth Street. Now the project will be a complete removal and reconstruction of Ellsworth with concrete shaving from Fourth Street to Nine Street.

"We started looking at working with the board, but after further discussion and review, (it was found) that the entire segment is in need of repair," Mooberry told the Arlington Citizen. "The existing asphalt is thin in spots, and it's deteriorating. The decision was made to extend the project down to 4th."

The project will include sidewalks as far as the curb ramp at the intersection and minor storm sewer reconstruction. It will include driveway reconstruction, as well, for all the driveways on Ellsworth within those limits.

The construction will be in two phases, one phase being Fourth Street to the east side of Seventh Street and the other being the east side of Seventh to Ninth streets. There will be periods when those sections are closed to traffic and there will be periods where there will be closed access to driveways along those portions of Ellsworth.

JEO will advertise for bids starting in February.

"We're on schedule with adding that additional project length on it," Mooberry said. "Whether it gets constructed in 2020 will depend on how bids come in and whether the contractor wants to do it in 2020. We are going to be flexible and allow it in 2021 so we allow ourselves to get multiple bids and the most competitive price for the work."

Construction of Ellsworth from Ninth and Eighth is expected to happen from June to August. The intersection at Eighth and Ellsworth is expected to be open for northbound and southbound traffic by the end of summer.

Now that they have a plan, the board is considering how to finance the 2020 Street Improvement project.

"I would love to do something without it raising property taxes," Chairman Paul Krause said. "If we can do it with money we are currently getting that's great."

The board decided to move forward by using highway allocation bonds. At its next meeting Feb. 17, the board will set out to approve an ordinance to issue the highway allocation funds.

"The highway allocation is the money that the village receives from the state/federal government for road/street repairs," Krause said. "If we were to use that money to pay the bonds issued for a street repair project and we could make all other needed street repairs with the remainder of allocated money we would not need to add to the property taxes."

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