Thursday's Blair High School softball camp contingent broke up into two groups at the Youth Sports Complex.

On the northwest diamond of the Blair Youth Softball Association fields, head coach Jennifer Fangmeier worked with freshmen through seniors on fielding. On the southwest diamond, assistant Krystal Macholan got her Bears swinging bats.

“We have a good group of seniors,” Fangmeier said beforehand. “Our sophomores and juniors, I think, will be solid. And we have a really big, large group of freshmen that will be beneficial to us right away.”

Blair Softball Camp

Leah Chance settles underneath an incoming ball Thursday at the Blair Youth Sports Complex.

Though the Blair players' club teams had their seasons delayed, the coach said her fall team entered camp with a good month of summer softball behind them.

“They didn't play much in June, but from what I know they played a ton in July,” Fangmeier said.

Though some of the Bears are club teammates, too, the coach felt like the girls were excited to be meeting up to play with all of their schoolmates again.

“I think it's refreshing for them to be around their high school friends,” she said. “They haven't really seen each other in this type of setting since, what, March. So, I think the excitement is high.”

With that said, Fangmeier noted that new coronavirus precautions will continue to take some getting used to once official practices begin Aug. 10. It'll be an adjustment, but one BHS is ready to tackle.

“Their attitudes are positive,” Fangmeier said. “(The players) just want to get a season in, so I think they're ready to do whatever they have to do to have a season.”

With that, she looked to her assistant.

“As are the coaches,” Fangmeier said to Macholan, who smiled in agreement. Both are looking forward to the 2020 season.

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