The BARn Establishment Inc., which opened its doors for takeout for the first time in May, opened Tuesday for dine-in, as well.

“I think it’s fantastic, it’s really good for the town,” said Kami Spoon, one of the first evening customers. “This will be really good and the people who own it, since everyone kind of knows them, I think that will help bring business in because it’s a familiar face. I think it will do better this time. The people have been waiting and waiting for something to come back.”

Those who frequented Our Place before it closed will recognize a few of the decorations, as well as the new manager.

“This is like home, my heart. I’m excited for them,” Amy Flaugh said. “I was excited to help them get it going. I was the manager at Our Place. People need somewhere they can go and sit down, eat and relax.”

The take-out business is still popular due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“I think people are still a little skeptical about dining in,” Flaugh said. “We want them to be safe. They’ve been really supportive with the to-go orders and limited menu.”

Barn Restaurant

The open sign is on and customers are welcomed to dine inside at The BARn Establishment Inc. as of Tuesday.

The menu will continue to expand, before a full menu, which is to include prime rib and other items, is added Aug. 1.

The back patio will have a small bar.

The restaurant is co-owned by Ashley Miskowiec and Chris Andreasen.

Miskowiec said there were still more takeout orders for lunch than dine-in Tuesday.

“Those that came in expressed how much they appreciated having a place to go for lunch in town, especially farmers,” she said. “To-go orders are fun for so long before wanting to have a place to sit.”

The restaurant will have its liquor license in August. They will also add Keno.

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