Senior lunch delivery

Ruby York picks up her lunch delivered from the Arlington senior center on Wednesday.

Seniors 60 and over in the Arlington area have the option to receive a home delivery or grab and go from outside the senior center.

"It's unknown when the senior center will open to the public, which is why there was a second round of home delivery offered," said Cheryl Abbott, senior center manager.

Abbott said around 25 have signed up for the meal option. Some might get one or two meals a week and some will order every day.

Becky Henige picks up a lunch during the week.

"It's good and you can get out (of the house) to pick it up," she said. "I can't wait for the senior center to be back open."

For some seniors, it provides the opportunity to stay safe.

"I'm at higher risk because of my age," Carolyn Hofeldt said. "I don't get out and talk with people and I stay six feet away."

Ruby York said it's great to receive the lunches.

"You get something different than what you want to cook yourself. It's nice," she said. "I did go sometimes to the senior center."

Isolation during the coronavirus pandemic hasn't been as bad for York and others. She said it's harder on some than others, but she has reading and things to keep her busy.

"Seniors in independent living are probably the most content because we are used to not going out, but it's tough not seeing your family," York said. "I was really happy when they started to do this again. It has been nice of Cheryl to do this."

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