WIC Soccer honors released, Lo-Ma’s Walski lands first team honor

The high school state soccer tournaments will come to completion this weekend, and post-season honors will start rolling in.  The first ever Western Iowa All-Conference soccer teams were released earlier this week

On the boys side, conference champion AHSTW led the way with six selections, including five on the first team. 

Logan-Magnolia’s Gabe Walski was a first team selection for the Panthers.

Missouri Valley’s Steven Murray, Alex Murray, Grant Meade and Steavie Kean collected honorable mention status, along with Logan-Magnolia’s Mason Rosengren, Baker Lally, Cole Leonard, and Reis Meeker.

On the girls side, Treynor and Tri-Center led the way.  The Cardinals finished with seven selections, including six on first team, and the Trojans also had seven selections, including four on first team. 

Missouri Valley’s Carlie Winchester, Megan Gschwend, Faith Staska and Lauren Austin picked up honorable mention status.  Logan-Magnolia’s Madyson Roberts, Charleigh Hammitt, and Hannah Gochenour also netted honorable mention honors.

2019 WIC All-Conference Boys Soccer

WIC Boys Final Standings: 1) *AHSTW 18-3; 2) Riverside 12-4; 3) Treynor 12-6; 4) Underwood 7-11; 5) Tri-Center 4-13; 6) Logan-Magnolia 3-14; 7) Missouri Valley 0-15.  *2019 Regular Season Champion.

First Team

Brayton Tuma, AHSTW, Sr.; Luke Sieska, Treynor, Jr.; Hunter Hodges, Riverside, Sr.; Blake Osbahr, AHSTW, Sr.; Keaton Mann, Treynor, Soph.; Gabe Madsen, AHSTW, Sr.; Gaven Heim, Tri-Center, Jr.; Adrian Dillon, Riverside, Sr.; Val Andrusyshyn, Riverside, Sr.; Adrian Herrera, AHSTW, Sr.; Blake Schweers, Underwood, Sr.; Kyle Branan, AHSTW, Sr.; Gabe Walski, Logan-Magnolia, Jr.  

Second Team

Quinn Navara, Treynor, Jr.; Jon Casson, Underwood, Jr.; Tallin Rasmussen, Underwood, Sr.; Collin Brandt, Underwood, Fr.; Seth Kiesel, AHSTW, Jr.; Brogan Allensworth, Riverside, Soph.; Trevor Nelson, Tri-Center, Sr.

Area Honorable Mention

Logan-Magnolia: Mason Rosengren – Sr.; Baker Lally – Fr.; Cole Leonard – Soph.; Reis Meeker – Sr.

Missouri Valley: Steven Murray – Sr.; Alex Murray – Soph.; Grant Meade – Soph.; Stevie Kean  - Jr.

2019 WIC All-Conference Girls Soccer

WIC Girls Final Standings: 1) *Treynor 12-3; 2) Tri-Center 12-6; 3) AHSTW 6-7; 4) Logan-Magnolia 3-12, Underwood 3-12; 6) Missouri Valley 2-11; 7) Riverside 0-11.  *2019 Regular Season Champion.


First Team

Alyssa Keller, Treynor, Soph.; Sage Schroeder, Tri-Center, Jr.; Jordyn Holtz, AHSTW, Sr.; Emma McDonald, Tri-Center, Sr.; Miranda Ring, Tri-Center, Fr.; Julia Kock, AHSTW, Soph.; Paige Skow, Tri-Center, Jr.; Rylie Jacobsen, Treynor, Jr.; Rachel Phelps, Treynor, Soph.; Alexis Keller, Treynor, Sr.; Bergynn Kinnison, Treynor, Soph.; Malloy Helvie, Treynor, Soph.; Madison Ehrens, Underwood, Fr.

Second Team

Lilly Dahir, Tri-Center, Sr.; Paige Osweiler, AHSTW, Jr.; Bella Zortman, AHSTW, Sr.; Peyton Scott, Treynor, Fr.; Kendra Kuck, Underwood, Fr.; Mollie Nelson, Tri-Center, Soph.; Marissa Ring, Tri-Center, Fr.

Area Honorable Mention

Logan-Magnolia: Hannah Gochenour – Sr.; Charleigh Hammitt – Jr.; Madyson Roberts – Fr.

Missouri Valley: Faith Staska – Sr.; Carlie Winchester – Soph.; Megan Gschwend – Sr.; Lauren Austin – Soph.

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