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Opposed to the Lo-Ma bond issue

American boys in the 21st century of Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby et al. are taught that “No” means “No.” Any advances to a girl after the “No” are prosecutable. But if boys become school board members, to them, like other political elites, apparently “no” means, “You voters are too stupid to really understand what we are talking about, so we will just keep re-voting till you think correctly and vote yes.”

How many times can the school board and administrators (who aren’t paying out of their own pockets for these special elections) keep bringing the same bond to the voters in Lo-Ma school district?

Answer: every 6 months, by Iowa Law, in perpetuity, till opponents die, move, or give up.

The bond was voted down not once, but twice for clear reasons:

1) It will raise property taxes to unacceptable levels for people with businesses, farms, and those on fixed incomes.

2) Student numbers are declining. Instead of expanding, if education really is the goal, investigate other options such as distributed learning centers.

3) In heavily bonded areas around the country, “smart money” residents have left, leaving fewer citizens to pay the bill. Don’t fall for this “you’ll only pay $50 extra in taxes” because if property taxes drive productive people out of Logan, the debt is reapportioned to you.

4.) The “Tornado” excuse is just that – an excuse. Everyone is for safety of our children, but the actual facts are these: U.S. school bussing results in 142 deaths/year; football, 12 deaths/year; tornadoes, 1 death/year—mostly in the Southeast U.S., not in “Tornado Alley.”

The last and possibly only school death by tornado in Iowa occurred in 1895. It is noteworthy that this vote comes right after the school board voted to maximize the money they can extract from local property taxes (when did the school board become a taxing authority?), and right before a potentially large tax hike resulting from the recent county-wide reassessment.

In 10 years, will your kids look back and say, “I’m sure glad we got those bigger science classrooms?” Or, will they be struggling to pay the $8M debt their parents voted for them.

Piper Jaffray guys don’t care about you or your land, or the long-term viability of Logan. They’ll be busy laughing all the way back to Wall Street.

Lee Merritt, Logan

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