City of Ute REGULAR COUNCIL MEETING Monday, June 3, 2019 – City Hall 7:00 p.m.

The Ute City Council met with Mayor Richard Hageman in regular, open session on June 3, 2019. Council members present: Becky Miller, Sue Kelm, and Matt Leitz. Absent: Mark Bretthauer and Buddy Leisinger. Also present: Lonnie Carlson.

Motion by Miller/Leitz to approve the agenda as posted. All Ayes. MC

Building Permits Approved: Kris Bussey-Jungle Gym; St. Paul’s Lutheran Church-concrete pads.

Building permits and increasing the maximum height restriction in the Zoning Code for accessory buildings were discussed. Clerk to schedule meeting with Planning and Zoning Commission.

Water tower project was discussed.

Motion by Kelm/Miller to approve the Consent Agenda:

A. Approving Minutes for May 6, 2019

B. Approving Bills for May 2019

C. Approving Cigarette Permit Renewals: Sparetime & Ampride II Ute.

All Ayes. MC

Motion by Leitz/Kelm to approve RESOLUTION 2019-14 - Resolution adopting Segregation of Duties Policy for Federal grants and funding for the City of Ute, Iowa. All Ayes. Motion carried.

Motion by Miller/Kelm to perform end of fiscal year transfers and donations to Library and Cemetery Boards prior to July 1, 2019. All Ayes. MC

Next regular meeting set for Monday, July 8, 2019, 7:00pm, at City Hall.

Motion by Leitz/Miller to adjourn the meeting at 7:27pm.

Leah Schwery, City Clerk



City of Ute May 2019 Claims

Acco, Chemicals...357

Badger Meter, Annual Contract...780

Ute Senior Citizens, Monthly Donation...140

Mapleton Press, Publication Fees...53.1

Ipers, Ipers-Regula...1,107.01

Eftps, Fed/Fica Tax...1,633.64

State W/H, State Tax...297

Windstream, Phone/Inet...387.33

Mangold Environmental, Water Tests...42

Bc’s Ampride Truck Plaza, Fuel...329.21

New Cooperative Inc, Supplies...103

Windstream Water, Phone/Inet Water Plant...52.23

Midamerican Energy, Electric...3,548.72

Bomgaars, Supplies...250.04

Usps, Postage...320

Wipco, Sewer Electric...35

Crary Huff, Legal Services...900

Ute Tire & Automotive, Mower Parts...11.96

Quill, Supplies...484.67

Team Lab, Supplies...2,257.50

Storey Kenworthy...299.45

Heiman Inc, Fire Equipment...239.56

Monona County Economic, 2Nd Half Membership Dues...50

Denison Do It Best, Supplies/Paint...36.97

Heartland Backflow Inc, Equipment Testing...140

John Deere Financial, Tractor Parts...85.61

Stinn Backhoe & Plumbing, Digging/Water Line Repairs...1,411.23

Iowa Department Of Natura... Op Certificate Renewals...120

Jeo Consulting Group, Water Project Engineering...1,000.00

American Underground Supp, Water Supplies...458.98

Office Depot, Copier/Printer...309.99

Payroll Checks, Total Payroll Checks...5,350.41

Claims Total...22,591.61

General Fund...8,246.28

Road Use Tax Fund...3,124.78

Water Fund...7,664.30

Sewer Fund...3,556.25


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