Charter Oak City Council met in regular session on Monday, August 5, 2019.

The meeting was called to order at 7:00p.m., Mayor Pro Tem Neumann presiding.

Council members in attendance: Neumann, Staley, Steffen, Heyne, Wilcox.

Absent: Mayor Hageman.

Others in attendance: Buddy Huntley, Joe Rueschenberg, Duane Zenk, Greg Miller, Corey Snowgren, John Granzen, Kyle Schultz, Nancy Rosburg.

Moved and carried to approve the agenda. All Ayes. M.C.

Moved and carried to approve the July 1, 2019 published minutes after 2 changes: Crossroads of Crawford County, Council would like the pool to stay open posted hours and only close for weather conditions; and the financial report. All Ayes. M.C.

No Fire Chief Report.

Moved and carried to approve the signature of the Mayor on the 2018/2019 Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program Regional Grant Application Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for mobile repeaters, base stations, pagers, portable radios, mobile radios and the 5% match will be paid for the Charter Oak Fire Association Funds. All Ayes. M.C. All grants in the City of Charter Oak’s name need to be approved by the city council prior to applying for them.

Kyle Schultz and Duane Zenk discussed the communications tower site in Charter Oak. Moved and carried to appoint Pam to talk with Barb Lorenzen and Allen Nepper about the communication tower and their thoughts on it being placed by the water tower. All Ayes. M.C.

Moved and carried to approve the Alcoholic Beverage License and also the Cigarette Permit for 141 One Stop pending all paperwork. All Ayes. M.C.

Moved and carried to approve the building permit and waive the 30 day waiting period for Craig Schueller 566 3rd Street, Lot 1 & N ½ 2, Block 4 a 22’ X 18’ addition and Nathan Mohr 662 1st Street, Lot 1,2,3 Block 10, an 8’ x 12’ addition. All Ayes. M.C.

Moved and carried to approve the 2019 Outstanding Obligation Report. All Ayes. M.C.

Discussed the maintenance building fire.

Paul Ransom discussed his concern of his neighbor’s dog. Moved and carried to turn the file over to the City attorney. All Ayes. M.C.

Moved and carried to approve the Mayor Pro Tem to sign the Proclamation for American Wind Week. All Ayes. M.C.

Moved and carried to get prices for a computer. All Ayes. M.C.

Moved and carried to approve Pay Estimate #4 for $100,471.32 for Knife River. All Ayes. M.C.

Moved and carried to approve a garbage contract with Bohlmann & Sons for two years. All Ayes. M.C.

No police report but Officer Cruz has started working.

The next regular scheduled meeting will be Monday, September 9, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.

Moved and carried to approve the following bills:


Sta-Bilt, Street Repair... 22,422.73

United Bank of Iowa, 941 Tax...3,157.69

IPERS, Benefits... 1,412.85

Bohlmann, Garbage... 2,375.40

West Central Iowa Rural Water, Bond, Interest, ...582.50

Mid-American, Electricity... 3,057.77

Frontier, Telephone ...472.95

Cardmember, Concessions, Fuel ...343.50

Walmart, Pool & Library... 82.51

Mapleton Press, Publications... 69.77

Bomgaars, Supplies ...36.13

BC’S Truck Plaza, Fuel ...618.71

Office Stop, Toner ...75.00

Bonsall, Freight... 21.45

Mangold, Testing ...84.00

Stinn Backhoe, Water Line Repairs ...310.00

Menards, Bulbs ...65.93

GFG, Chemicals ...58.63

HyVee, Concessions ...12.92

Iowa One Call, Locates... 3.60

IDNR, Sewer Permit ...210.00

Franck & Sextro, Legal ...490.00

Post Office, Box Rent ...46.00

Sundquist, Engineering ...5,965.00

Gov Office, Web Site ...550.00

Knife River, Street Project ...100,471.32

Denison Do It Best, Supplies ...15.87

Rod Bradley, Police... 82.35

Jepsen, Repairs ...2,110.52

ACOM, Camera Installation... 400.00

Feld Fire, Supplies ...410.40

Hoffman Agency, Insurance ...57.66

Linda Kuhlmann, Books... 60.00

State Library, Dues ...55.12

Alden Pool, Supplies ...1,756.69

Jeff Duit, Deposit Refund...100.00

Iowa Law Force Academy, Testing ...150.00

Penguin, Fire & EMS Calls ...948.00

CLIA Laboratory, EMS Fees... 180.00

Witmer, EMS Supplies ...169.51

Staley’s, Supplies ...495.75

All Ayes. M.C.

Fund Totals:

General ...126,998.41

Special Revenues... 26,150.71

Proprietary ...8,960.43.

Total ...162,109.55.

All Ayes. M.C.

The following receipts for July:

James Jepsen, Shelter House ...75.00

Bill Mead, Water Deposit ...100.00

Lynn Brown, Shelter House ...75.00

Achievement Day Bingo... 495.75

Craig Schueller, Building Permit ...10.00

C.O. 125th, Arboretum Grant ...1,500.00

Nancy Jurgens, Millings ...1,060.00

Daniel Becker, Shelter House ...75.00

Samantha Calcutt, Dog Licenses ...20.00

Amy Sandy, Dog License... 10.00

Ronald Gloede, Flag... 73.00

Hoffman Agency, Audit Refund ...188.00

Treasurer State of Iowa, Sam’s Bar, Alcoholic Beverage License... 390.00

Crawford County Treasurer, Property Tax ...2,917.88

Treasurer State of Iowa, Local Option ...3,666.42

Treasurer State of Iowa, Road Use Tax ...5,182.01

UBI, Interest... 771.62

Pool Deposits... 2,582.97

Utility Deposit Water/Tax/Penalty ...8,762.50

Sewer/Tax ...3,583.35

Landfill/Tax ...709.20

Garbage-Tom ...2,375.40

Garbage-City ...406.60.

Moved and carried to adjourn at 9:45 p.m. All Ayes. M.C.

Robert Hageman, Mayor

Pamela S. Tripp, City Clerk

These are a condensed version of the proceedings of the regular meeting of the Charter Oak City Council. Copies of the complete version may be obtained at the Clerk’s office during normal office hours.


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