How do you feel about the United States of America? Do you love it? Is it the greatest place in the world? Why are so many trying to get into the United States? Why do some hate our flag or the Pledge of Allegiance? Why is there so much killing? Why are babies aborted and parts of them sold? Why is so much time spent on investigating and impeaching leaders of our country? Is there no forgiveness? Jesus forgave the criminal on the cross next to him and even the ones who crucified him. Is there no love and kindness?

It seems the media is so biased! They refuse to cover the successes of our present administration. Such as: 6 million new jobs, more than half of them filled by women; 5 million people off of food stamps; unemployment at a record low; many regulations eliminated saving money; health care premiums going down as well as plans to lower the price of medical drugs; the wall on our southern border being built; federal judges named that go by the constitution; wage growth, lower taxes and fair trade; gains in blue-collar manufacturing jobs; cracking down on sanctuary cities that endanger law-abiding citizens; an immigration proposal that establishes a merit-based system for immigrants seeking to legally enter the U. S.; the rebuilding of our military and greater support for our veterans.

Do you want the United States to be a socialist country? A look at Cuba or Venezuela going bankrupt is not good. The socialist agenda has higher taxes, government takeover of health care, open borders, abolishing ICE, sanctuary cities and impeachment. The radical Green New Deal would put a staggering tax burden on every household. It would guarantee money for people unwilling to work! Plus eliminate air travel. How about taxpayer-funded health care for illegal immigrants (hiking taxes on the middle class).

Where has our respect for our elected officials gone? Where has all the hate come from? I drive down Main Street regularly and see a sign about 4 or 5 feet square in someone’s yard declaring Trump has got to go. I suppose it falls under freedom of speech, but it offends me. Do I go chop it down or set it on fire? No. As a very young wife and mother, I cried when I heard that President Kennedy was shot. I respected his wife, Jackie, in the days that followed.

I’m certainly not against young people; we are blessed with a whole bunch of them in our family. I am pleased when young folk hold the door for me going into a restaurant and such. I feel badly about many of them getting addicted to drugs and e-cigarettes, many of them living together outside of marriage, etc. I think much of the problems of today are caused by middle-aged people and even older for their poor example.

I love our country. I appreciate our freedoms. I appreciate our service men, veterans, policemen, firemen, EMT’s, and even our good neighborhood. Do you?

Alice Masters


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