Wolfe Jewelry

Randy Wolfe is shown at his workbench where he repairs, designs, and cleans jewelry for his customers around Siouxland.

In 1982, a 15-year-old started a career that would last him a lifetime. This opportunity would allow him to use his creativeness every day, which evolved into profession. At first, Wolfe began as a hired hand at a local family-owned jewelry business where his main work was cleaning and stocking shelves.

Although when he finished, he was then allowed to work on jewelry repairs and found a true love with the art he could create with his hands. Realizing his talents quickly, Wolfe was ushered into an apprenticeship to become a Master Jeweler for the small business.

Friends and family were also aware of his talents, as he would continue to hone his craft doing repairs and a small amount of custom work on his spare time.

Fast forward a couple decades and his own jewelry business had taken on a life of its own, which required an expansion. He had outgrown his work area within his home and decided to design the interior of an enclosed cargo trailer.

After purchasing the trailer in 2016, he recreated a small showroom and useable workshop that was now mobile. Fitted with security, workbenches, cleaning equipment, and a compact inventory, it is a jewelry store on wheels! Wolfe is now able to visit his customers in neighboring towns to better convenience them.

Wolfe had come to realize that a large majority of his customers were fairly local, and many of them never cared for a trip to the now decaying mall. From farmers who have hectic schedules around holidays to young sweethearts committing to a lifetime of love and commitment, Wolfe’s customers are just as unique as the pieces he can create for them. However, the one thing he continually wants to curate is a trustworthy friendship with his customers. The way small family businesses should run.

Custom work is a special talent of Wolfe’s abilities. He offers many of today’s styles that would be found in other jewelry stores. He also loves reviving old worn out pieces that people no longer wear. He has also developed a knack for finding designs so similar to the ones you’re looking for, you will be surprised when you see the difference in price.

Another advantage for this growing business is his ability to share savings with his customers. Wolfe Jewelry has a small inventory on hand, which allows them to build it or order something in when its needed. By not having thousands of dollars wrapped up in inventory just sitting in cases, it allows him to keep overhead low and actually compete with online competitors.

Whether its earrings, engagement rings, pocketknives, large center stones, or other uncommon gifts, Wolfe mentions, “I will always find something for my clients in their budget that I’m proud of.”

With over 40 years of experience, Wolfe has seen many of the failed designs that quickly degrade over time. He has integrity for every piece he creates or sells. He believes in informing his clients with valuable knowledge on jewelry and jewelry care that most competitors wouldn’t disclose. Knowledge is power in every of sale.

Making appointments that fit your schedule is the best way for him to sit down one-on-one with his clients. This allows the experience to be much more relaxed and personable. Wolfe’s reputation, your happiness, and customer satisfaction are the main principles of what this small family-owned business maintains.

Story provided by

Karen Newman, The Recorder

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