The Basic Fund, Inc. sponsored the Christmas Tree of Lights in Schleswig during the holiday season. Funds from the memorial will be used to support worthwhile community projects.

The following list of those who have helped support this fundraiser. Listed first is the memorialized and second is the donor.

All Veterans; American Legion #645

Herbert and Arlene Teut; Nancy Bielenberg

Fred and Judy Teut Glover; Nancy Bielenberg

Gary Teut; Nancy Bielenberg

Loved Family and Friends; Mike and Tracy Beeck

Wilma Brockman; Bill and Kim Brockman Terry and Lori Brockman

Family and Loved Ones; Tim and Lila Bubke and family

Class Mates; Schleswig Class of 1969

John McClellan; Julie Christie

Theo A and Leona Aldag; Larry and Joann Clausen

Andrew and Bernice Clausen; Larry and Joann Clausen

Donald J and Dorothy Clausen; Daughters Darlis, Debbie and Denise

Loved Ones; Jerry and Barb Ernst

Merle Ernst; Lois Ernst

Marlene Fredericks; Leroy Fredericks and Family

Virgene Fredericks; Richard Fredericks and Family

All Family Members; Zola Friedrichsen

Jurgen and Lena Grill; Larry Grill

Louie and Julia Grill; Larry Grill

Octavus and Erma Grill; Larry Grill

Bud and LaJune Obrecht; Linda Henningsen

James and Marlyn Else; Vicki Huebner

Loved Ones; Buckwheat and Merry Jacoby

Leslie and Eileen Grell; Loren and Janice Jepsen

Raymond and Lucille Jepsen; Loren and Janice Jepsen

Betty Johannsen; Murlin Johannsen

Alice Johnson; Roy Johnson

Donation; BJ Kamigaki

Betty Johannsen; Leisha Kragel

Hugo and Adela Jensen; Joyce Petersen

Bill Petersen; Joyce Petersen

Clifford H Reimers; Loretta M Reimers

Herman E Reimers; Loretta M Reimers

John H and Ottilie A Reimers; Loretta M Reimers

William T and Esther M Reimers; Loretta M Reimers

Erwin A Riessen; Elfie and Joann Riessen

Deceased Family and Loved Ones; Elfie and Joann Riessen

Harold and Emmy Riessen; Harry and Kay Riessen

Dan Ruser; Dorothy Ruser and Family

Stan and Lucille Ruser; Dorothy Ruser and Family

Milroy Groth; Gene and Marlene Schneider

Hans Schneider; Gene and Marlene Schneider

Helen Schneider; Gene and Marlene Schneider

Jenny Schneider; Gene and Marlene Schneider

Wm and Olinda Schultz; Gene and Marlene Schneider

Loved Ones; Curt and Jan Schultz

Bruce and Alvera Hanneman; Diana Schultz and Family

Marlowe Schultz; Diana Schultz and Family

Loved Ones; James and Cheri Streck

Church Members; UCC Christian Service Fund

All Veterans; VFW Auxiliary #3930

All Deceased Veterans; VFW Post #3930

Loved Ones; Alan and Kathy Weiss

The Christmas Tree of Lights in Schleswig was successful. The Basic Fund, Inc. Board would like to thank everyone for their support and donations.

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