In 2007, I was blessed to be hired by the MVAO school district. They entrusted me to teach their upper level math courses, coach their football and track teams, and guide their weight room program in the summer.

I have built so many relationships from the people connected with the school district over the past 13 years and have overseen so many happy times and have also endured difficult times that occurred in the community. From state championships to the loss of students and teachers, there have been so many highs and lows.

Living in a town in which everyone survived a direct tornado hit and had the resiliency to rebuild and recover the way it did and the way people came together to help each other is something that I will never forget.

In the past month, my family and I have had a lot of time to reflect on our lives and what our future may hold. Recently, an opportunity came up that I feel I was being called to follow. I have been given an offer to become the 7-12 Principal at the Woodbine Community School District, and through lots of prayer and family discussion, I have accepted the position.

This is by far the most difficult decision I have ever had to make and can’t help but feel a great deal of pain for all the wonderful people in the communities I am leaving behind.

To my students, I have loved having you in my classroom and working through math problems with you all, even if the feeling wasn’t always mutual. Math is a subject that can be very frustrating for many, and I always looked for ways to make the topics engaging for everyone.

To my football players, you all made the decision to get out of coaching such a challenging one. I was encouraged by the growth of you over my one season as head coach. I truly believe the pieces are in place to win a great deal of football games starting this year. I will do my best to work with the current coaching staff and help recruit other coaches to lead and guide you moving forward.

To my track athletes, I never realized the true greatness of track and field until I started coaching both the boys and girls teams for the Rams. Being able to coach both boys and girls in the sport has been one of my greatest blessings. There is something so satisfying about watching people set Personal Records (PRs) as well as competing on the blue oval with the best athletes in the state.

I was lucky enough to coach multiple events at the state track meet every year, and the experiences there will be held near and dear to my heart.

To staff members and administrators, I thank you all for the hard work and senses of humor you all brought to the team. Collaborating with the different groups of people has been a great learning experience, and I will take the many great ideas I have gotten from you to my new position.

For anyone that I missed, just know that I accepted this position as I believe it to be a great opportunity for me and my family. We all hold great regard for the community that we have been a part of and will continue to hold connections with as we move forward.

My wife, Rachael, will continue her business, BodyWork Therapies, in downtown Mapleton.


Scott Breyfogle

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