Oklahoma auctioneer takes the title; Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio and South Carolina auctioneers qualify for world contest

Brian Little of Wann, Okla., proved his talent as a livestock auctioneer at the second qualifying event for the Livestock Marketing Association’s (LMA) World Livestock Auctioneer Championship (WLAC). The qualifying event took place at Blue Grass South Livestock Market, Stanford, Ky., on Monday, Oct. 21.

Wann, a 20-year veteran to the livestock auctioneer field, is no stranger to the WLAC. He has competed 13 previous years and earned the qualifying event champion title a few times. Wann says he looks forward to the contest every year and enjoys the opportunity to “showcase his abilities and get to see great friends who are in the business, catch up on old times.”

Also making a great showing were the Reserve Champion, Brian Curless, Pittsfield, Ill., and Runner-up Champion, Billy Younkin, Cecil, Ala.

The remaining finalists who earned a spot at the 2014 WLAC are Will Epperly, Dunlap; A.J. Austin, Marmaduke, Ark.; Darren Carter, Ninety Six, S.C.; Philip Gilstrap, Pendelton, S.C.; Daniel Mitchell, Cumberland, Ohio; Brandon Neely, Southside, Ala.; and Vernon Yoder, Wilmot, Ohio.

The contest is during an actual sale with live bidders in the seats. Contestants were judged on the clarity of their auction chant; vocal quality; their ability to catch bids and conduct the sale; and finally, if the judge hire this auctioneer for their own livestock market.

Each year, there are three qualifying events. The first qualifier was at Tulare County Stockyards, Dinuba, Calif., and the remaining qualifier is at Mo-Kan Livestock Market, Butler, Mo., on January 2, 2014. Ten finalists are selected at each qualifying event; those finalists and an international champion from Canada compete at the WLAC. The 2014 WLAC will be in Knoxville at Knoxville Regional Livestock Market on June 21, in conjunction with the LMA Annual Convention in Des Moines.

The WLAC highlights the auctioneer’s crucial role in the competitive marketing of livestock. LMA hosts the contest each year to promote the auction method of selling livestock; which results in true price discovery of the value of all classes of livestock and sets the cash market for all other methods of selling.

All qualifying events and the WLAC are broadcast live on www.LMAAuctions.com.


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