Washington County in lowest level of COVID threat


New Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines currently have Washington County in the lowest threat level for COVID-19 infections.

The CDC in March unveiled a new “COVID-19 Community Level” tool, which classifies each county in the United States as “low,” “medium” or “high” levels of risk. Each level comes with recommendations on how individuals should protect themselves and their loved ones against an infection. The CDC also stated it was to give guidance as when to seek medical help in order to avoid strain on hospitals and health systems.

The levels are updated each Thursday. As of the deadline for the March 18 issue of the Washington County Enterprise, Washington County was listed in the “low” level, which means residents are simply advised to stay up-to-date with COVID-19 vaccines and get tested if symptoms are present. People in “low” counties are encouraged to wear masks when they feel it is appropriate.

The next map update was scheduled for March 17.


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