Washington County Board of Supervisors The Board met in regular session at 3:00 pm on Tue, Jan 11, 2022 in the Supervisor’s meeting room at the courthouse in Blair, Nebr. Present: Board members …


Washington County Board of Supervisors The Board met in regular session at 3:00 pm on Tue, Jan 11, 2022 in the Supervisor’s meeting room at the courthouse in Blair, Nebr. Present: Board members Jordan Rishel, Bob Frahm, Steve Dethlefs, Kevin Barnhill, Jay Anderson, and Steven Kruger. Absent: Lisa Kramer. Also present, Co Clk Barb Sullivan, Sheriff Mike Robinson, and Co Atty Scott Vander Schaaf. Co Clk Sullivan declared the reorganization meeting for 2022 to order and requested nominations for Chairman. Kruger nominated Dethlefs. There were no other nominations. Board unanimously voted that the nominations cease and cast a unanimous ballot for Steve Dethlefs as Chairman. Sullivan requested nominations for Vice Chairman. Anderson nominated Frahm. There were no other nominations. Board unanimously voted that the nominations cease and cast a unanimous ballot for Bob Frahm as Vice Chairman. Chairman Dethlefs then presided over the meeting and declared a recess from Board of Supervisors and enter into Board of Equalization. Meeting reconvened at 3:05 p.m. Board unanimously approved the agenda for 1/11/22 and the minutes of the 12/28/21 meeting. Board unanimously voted to designate Washington Co Bank, Two Rivers Bank, NPAIT, and Union Bank & Trust as depositories for county funds in 2022. Board voted unanimously to authorize Co Treasurer to deposit funds in any of the designated depositories. Board unanimously approved Weitz Construction PCCO #5 (Change Order) for a decreased amount of $8,650. Board unanimously approved the monthly fee reports and all claims. There was no correspondence. Bill Hansel, Hwy Supt, gave a brief update on Road Dept projects. Board voted unanimously to appoint William Hansel, Class A License #S-967 as the Washington Co Hwy Supt for 1/1/22 thru 12/31/22. Chris Shewchuk, Planning Administrator, revised resolution that was denied by board at the 12/28 meeting and discussed the proposed changes. Board voted unanimously to adopt Res 2022-01; A Resolution Providing for Amending the Washington County Zoning Regulations regarding RV Marina Overlay District. Lisa Kramer entered the meeting. Andy Dickinson discussed his request to have county vacate right-of-way on County Rd in front of his property so that he may purchase the land. Co Atty Vander Schaaf stated that should the county vacate the land it would be sold as a public auction to which there is no guarantee Mr. Dickinson would be the purchaser thus creating a land locked parcel. Bill Hansel and Chris Shewchuk both spoke and gave recommendations. Mike Anderson and Brian Shaw also spoke on the matter. Ed Lautrup, Veterans Service, discussed MOU between Washington Co and Nebr Dept of Veterans Affairs for use of VETRASPEC and stated the program has been in use in his office since 2011 but an updated MOU is needed. Board unanimously approved MOU with the Neb Dept of Veterans Affairs for the use of VETRASPEC. Bill Brown discussed with board members his concerns about storm water flow that could affect his property in Lakeland after a neighbor erected a fence and asked if the county would be able to assist in the matter. Co Atty Vander Schaaf discussed the county’s role in such an issue as Lakeland is a private subdivision. Andy Dickinson and Mike Anderson both spoke on the matter. Board voted unanimously to receive and place on file Treasurer’s Semi-Annual Statement. Board voted unanimously to authorize Chairman to sign SDL Recommendation Form for Dodar Inc, dba Dale’s House of Bottles. Public comments: Mike Anderson spoke. Board gave brief committee reports. At 4:17 p.m. the board voted unanimously to go into closed session for the purpose of discussing attorney client privileged information regarding current, potential, imminent threat of litigation and contract negotiations involving Washington Co. Those present were 7 board members, Co Atty Vander Schaaf, Atty Pat Guinan and Chris Shewchuk. Board voted unanimously to come out of closed session at 4:45 pm. Board voted unanimously to authorize Co Atty to approve settlement agreement. CLAIMS: GENERAL FUND EMPLOYEES, Payroll 1/7/2022, 255,770.77 AMERITAS LIFE INSURANCE CORP, Retirement, 18,034.45 UNITED HEALTHCARE INS CO, Life-Dental-Vision, 1,048.78 WASHINGTON COUNTY-INSURANCE FUND, Health Ins., 51,577.81 WASHINGTON COUNTY BANK, FICA/MEDI, 18,738.74 WASHINGTON COUNTY BANK, H.S.A., 10,406.25 ABE'S TRASH SERVICE INC, Serv, 336.00 ADVANCED CORRECTIONAL HEALTHCARE, Supplies, 95.90 ALL COPY PRODUCTS INC, Copier Lease, 90.26 ALL MAKES OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO, Copier Lease, 216.11 AT-SCENE LLC, Serv, 2,100.00 BI-STATE MOTOR PARTS INC, Supplies, 20.22 BISHOP BUSINESS, Copier Lease, 93.72 BLAIR ACE HARDWARE, Supplies, 396.98 BLAIR TELEPHONE CO, Serv, 988.57 BOMGAARS, Supplies, 11.98 TAMMI BURBACH, Reimb/Supplies, 21.38 CAMPBELL AMAN FUNERAL HOME, Serv, 2,000.00 CLARK PEST & TERMITE CONTROL, Serv, 130.00 CLERK OF DISTRICT COURT, Filing Fees, 178.00 COUNTY ASSESSORS' ASSOCIATION OF NE, Dues, 60.00 COX BUSINESS, Serv, 3,664.70 CUBBYS CORPORATE OFFICE, Fuel, 133.16 EAGLE AUTO REPAIR, LLC, Repairs, 25.75 EAKES OFFICE SOLUTIONS, Supplies, 716.09 ENTERPRISE MEDIA GROUP, Printing/Notices, 601.86 FAIRWAY OIL COMPANY, Fuel, 68.25 FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF OMAHA, Supplies, 153.41 FIRST NATIONAL BANK VISA, Supplies, 348.94 FIRST NATIONAL BANK VISA, Fuel/Supplies, 188.50 FIRST NATIONAL BANK, Fuel, 86.85 FIRST NATIONAL BANK, Fees, 36.75 FIRST NATIONAL BANK, Fees, 1.75 FIRST NATIONAL BANK - OMAHA, Supplies, 69.44 FIRST NATIONAL BANK VISA, Fees, 210.38 FIRST NATIONAL BANK VISA, Fuel, 80.96 FIRST NATIONAL BANK OMAHA, Fees, 31.30 FIRST NATIONAL BANK, Supplies/Fees, 169.57 FIRST NATIONAL BANK VISA, Supplies, 192.47 FIRST NATIONAL BANK VISA, Supplies, 54.96 CARRIE FLYNN, Reimb/Supplies, 20.03 HTBS CREDIT, Supplies, 95.97 IDEAL PURE WATER, Supplies, 129.54 JONES AUTOMOTIVE, INC, Repairs, 115.50 JURY DUTY, Juror Fees, 2,211.86 JORDAN LUXA, Reimb/Supplies, 7.99 MMC MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS, INC., Serv, 4,438.00 MULTI-COUNTY INFORMATION &, Serv, 4,016.12 NATIONAL AUTOMATIC FIRE PROTECTION, Serv, 2,135.59 NEBRASKA LOESS HILLS RC&D, Dues, 1,500.00 NEBRASKA WEED CONTROL ASSOC, Dues, 120.00 NEBRASKA.GOV, Filing Fees, 174.00 NEWMAN TRAFFIC SIGNS, Supplies, 573.98 OFFICE WAREHOUSE, Supplies, 377.99 OMAHA ELECTRIC SERVICE, INC., Repairs, 1,580.47 OMAHA PUBLIC POWER DISTRICT, Serv, 7,058.77 PITNEY BOWES INC, Lease, 816.81 CALVIN POULSEN, GIS Serv, 962.50 MICHELE QUICK, Mileage, 20.48 REGION 6, BEHAVIORAL HEALTHCARE, Serv, 15,077.25 SAUNDERS COUNTY SHERIFF, Fees, 18.00 CHRIS SHEWCHUK, Mileage, 97.50 SID DILLON CHEV-OLDS-PONT, INC, Repairs, 691.30 SMITTY'S AUTO SERVICE INC, Repairs/Serv, 1,172.29 SPARQ DATA SOLUTIONS, INC., Subscription, 4,100.00 STANEK FIRE PROTECTION, Supplies, 185.00 STAPLES BUSINESS CREDIT, Supplies, 1,023.54 DAS STATE ACCNTING-CENTRAL FINANCE, Serv, 1,280.01 STATE OF NEBR, DEPT OF CORRECT SERV, Safekeeping, 5,384.70 STERICYCLE, INC., Supplies, 49.41 TURNKEY TECHNOLOGY, LLC, Serv, 4,635.00 ULTRA CAR WASH, Serv, 500.00 US BANK EQUIPMENT FINANCE, Copier Lease, 549.00 VERIZON WIRELESS, Serv, 41.02 VERIZON WIRELESS, Serv, 51.83 WASHINGTON COUNTY COURT, Court Costs, 647.00 WASHINGTON COUNTY SHERIFF, Cost on Fees, 344.80 WASHINGTON COUNTY SHERIFF, Postage/Supplies, 206.71 WEX BANK, Fuel, 6,186.48 ROAD FUND EMPLOYEES, Payroll 1/7/2022, 52,225.25 AMERITAS LIFE INSURANCE CORP, Retirement, 3,525.15 UNITED HEALTHCARE INS CO, Life-Dental-Vision, 430.25 WASHINGTON COUNTY-INSURANCE FUND, Health Ins., 11,654.33 WASHINGTON COUNTY BANK, FICA/MEDI, 3,820.78 WASHINGTON COUNTY BANK, H.S.A., 2,625.00 ABE'S TRASH SERVICE INC, Serv, 82.00 B'S ENTERPRISE INC, Supplies, 13,745.00 BI-STATE MOTOR PARTS INC, Parts, 1,263.78 BLAIR TELEPHONE CO, Serv, 57.99 BRAKKAN TRUCKING INC, Gravel, 845.80 CINTAS CORPORATION, Supplies, 80.76 CULLIGAN OF OMAHA, Serv, 58.20 EAKES OFFICE SOLUTIONS, Supplies, 54.72 WILLIAM HANSEL, Cell Reimb, 54.00 HARMS OIL COMPANY - OMAHA, Fuel, 11,244.23 HOTSY EQUIPMENT COMPANY INC, Repairs, 8,895.00 HUFF TIRE, INC., Serv, 4,474.35 JOHN DEERE CREDIT, INC., Parts/Supplies, 220.47 DALE R JOHNSON ENT, INC., Gravel, 543.52 KELLY RYAN EQUIPMENT COMPANY INC, Supplies, 142.80 MATHESON TRIGAS DBA LINWELD, Supplies, 125.55 MENARDS - FREMONT, Repairs, 1,384.45 NEWMAN TRAFFIC SIGNS, Supplies, 74.51 NMC EXCHANGE LLC, Parts, 757.48 OFFICE NET, Supplies, 194.52 OMAHA PUBLIC POWER DISTRICT, Serv, 574.93 POWERPLAN, Parts, 6,795.60 SAPP BROS, INC, Fuel, 9,421.76 SEXTON BRAKE COMPANY, Parts, 3,994.86 SID DILLON CHEV-OLDS-PONT, INC, Parts/Serv, 989.21 STALP GRAVEL COMPANY, Gravel, 25,125.69 THERMO KING CHRISTENSEN, Supplies, 400.00 VERIZON WIRELESS, Serv, 153.36 WOODHOUSE FORD INC, Parts, 24.53 COUNTY VISITOR'S PROMOTION FUND ENTERPRISE MEDIA GROUP, Notices, 6.75 REGISTER OF DEEDS MULTI-COUNTY INFORMATION &, Serv, 527.64 JUVENILE SERVICES GRANT EMPLOYEES, Payroll 1/7/2022, 1,923.00 AMERITAS LIFE INSURANCE CORP, Retirement, 129.80 UNITED HEALTHCARE INS CO, Life-Dental-Vision, 17.15 WASHINGTON COUNTY-INSURANCE FUND, Health Ins., 452.48 WASHINGTON COUNTY BANK, FICA/MEDI, 146.07 WASHINGTON COUNTY BANK, H.S.A., 93.75 VERIZON, Serv, 66.25 911 ENHANCED WIRELESS BLAIR TELEPHONE CO, Serv, 296.88 CENTURYLINK, Serv, 536.99 JAIL CAPITAL PROJECT FUND THE WEITZ COMPANY, INC, Justice Center, 1,800.00 E-911 FUND B'S ENTERPRISE INC, Supplies, 1,300.00 BLAIR TELEPHONE CO, Serv, 146.22 CENTURYLINK, Serv, 264.48 MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS, Serv, 5,791.65 NEWMAN TRAFFIC SIGNS, Supplies, 143.53 OMAHA PUBLIC POWER DISTRICT, Serv, 250.00 Meeting adjourned at 4:47 p.m. Steve Dethlefs, Chairman: Attest: Barbara Sullivan, County Clerk. A complete text of the minutes and resolutions are on file in the office of the County Clerk, 1555 Colfax St., and are available for public inspection during regular business hours, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. ZNEZ ENT 1-21-22


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