Washington Co Board of Supervisors The Board met at 3:00 pm on Tue, Nov 23, 2021 in the Supervisor’s meeting room at the Courthouse in Blair, Nebr. Present: Chairman Steve Dethlefs, Co Board …


Washington Co Board of Supervisors The Board met at 3:00 pm on Tue, Nov 23, 2021 in the Supervisor’s meeting room at the Courthouse in Blair, Nebr. Present: Chairman Steve Dethlefs, Co Board Members, Bob Frahm, Lisa Kramer, Kevin Barnhill, Jay Anderson, and Steven Kruger. Absent: Jordan Rishel. Also present, Co Clk Barb Sullivan and Co Atty Scott Vander Schaaf. Board unanimously approved the agenda for 10/26 and the minutes for the 11/9/21 meeting. Claims were received, reviewed and approved unanimously. Board voted unanimously to receive and place on file correspondence from City of Blair and the Dept of Environment & Energy. Bill Hansel gave a brief update to Road Dept projects. Board voted unanimously to un-table “accept & approve bids for new excavator”, then Hansel gave a review of the bids from last meeting and gave his recommendation to purchase excavator through Bobcat of Omaha for a Doosan long-arm. Paton Heusinkvelt, Murphy Tractor, and Alan Makovica, Bobcat, were present and spoke. Board voted to approve bid from Bobcat for a long-arm 180LC for $114,519 with extended warranty with 4 members voting aye, Frahm and Kruger voting nay. Next Bill Hansel and Tim Farmer, Speece Lewis, opened the following bids for Triple Concrete Box Culvert for Project C89 (617), C89 (02805): 1) Gus Construction Inc, $316,388 2) Vogtscapes Inc, $284,591 3) JJK Construction Inc, $343,153 4) Brink Building Group, $394,531. Board voted unanimously to approve bid from Vogtscapes as recommended by Tim Farmer and Bill Hansel. Board voted unanimously to adopt Res 2021-32; Year End Certification of Hwy Supt. Board voted unanimously to adopt Res 2021-33; Transferring Inheritance Tax to Rural Road Imp Fund 0802 in the amount of $100,000. Board voted unanimously to adopt Res 2021-34; Creating fund #1275, Self-Funding Insurance Fund. Board voted unanimously to authorize Chairman to sign SDL Local Recommendation Form for Washington Co Community Foundation. Public Comments: Mike Anderson, John Orr and Ben Stangl spoke. Committee Reports: Road Comm discussed paving of Sheridan St with the possibility of entering into an interlocal agreement with Blair City for project. Jail Comm discussed dock installment and some touch up items. Finance Comm will meet on Wed to discuss setting the Officials’ salaries for 2023-2026. CLAIMS: GENERAL FUND EMPLOYEES, Payroll 11/12/2021, 219,646.09 AMERITAS LIFE INSURANCE CORP, Retirement, 15,312.13 UNITED HEALTHCARE INS CO, Ins, 53,147.99 WASHINGTON COUNTY BANK, FICA/MEDI, 15,969.14 WASHINGTON COUNTY BANK, Ins, 9,800.00 ALL MAKES OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO, Copier Lease, 343.01 AXON ENTERPRISE, INC., Supplies, 3,570.00 BCDM ARCHITECTS, Serv, 8,497.50 BLAIR ACE HARDWARE, Supplies, 589.03 BOMGAARS, Supplies, 78.74 TAMMI BURBACH, Supplies/Reimb, 171.04 NICOLE CAVANAUGH, Public Defender, 2,843.32 COLONIAL RESEARCH, Supplies, 1,063.44 CONSOLIDATED MANAGEMENT COMPANY, Meals, 127.02 CREDIT BUREAU SERVICES, INC., Serv, 2,203.96 DANKO EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT, Signs, 562.74 DAS STATE ACCNTING-CENTRAL FINANCE, Serv, 166.88 DOUGLAS COUNTY COURT, Fees, 4.25 DOUGLAS COUNTY SHERIFF, Fees, 57.24 DREW LAW FIRM PC LLO, Court Appt Atty, 847.50 WILLIAM P. DUNN, Public Defender, 7,083.32 EAGLE AUTO REPAIR, LLC, Repairs, 25.75 EAKES OFFICE SOLUTIONS, Supplies, 70.49 ENTERPRISE LOCKSMITH INC., Supplies, 1,185.00 ENTERPRISE MEDIA GROUP, Notices, 178.20 FIRST NATIONAL BANK, Supplies, 727.53 FIRST NATIONAL BANK OMAHA, Fees, 15.65 GALLS, LLC, Supplies, 133.13 GOVERNMENTAL LAW, LLC, Serv, 1,953.35 BRENT J GROVE, Mileage, 22.40 HIRCHERT-OLSEN AUTO SERVICE INC., Repairs/Serv, 1,036.63 BRADY JOHN HOEKSTRA, Public Defender, 2,500.00 PAMELA LYNN HOPKINS, Court Appt Atty, 517.50 INFOSAFE SHREDDING, INC, Serv, 60.00 INTERSTATE POWER SYSTEMS INC, Repairs, 1,857.53 JONES AUTOMOTIVE, INC, Serv, 683.30 KONICA MINOLTA PREMIER FINANCE, Copier Lease, 199.48 LONG'S OK TIRE STORES, Repairs, 20.00 JANE MCNEIL, Public Defender, 2,843.32 MECHANICAL SALES, INC., Serv, 874.75 MMC MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS, INC., Serv, 775.00 NACO, Registration, 150.00 NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF COUNTIES, Dues, 450.00 NE HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES, Regional Center, 186.00 NEBRASKA ASSOC OF COUNTY OFFICIALS, Dues, 2,758.78 NEBRASKA STATE FIRE MARSHAL, Serv, 36.00 GLADYS NELSON, Serv, 38.50 NEWMAN TRAFFIC SIGNS, Signs, 287.72 NPERS, Serv, 894.13 O'REILLY AUTOMOTIVE INC, Supplies, 52.24 OFFICE NET, Supplies, 217.09 OFFICE WAREHOUSE, Supplies, 642.46 OMAHA PUBLIC POWER DISTRICT, Serv, 580.49 PFI, Storage, 40.00 PHILLIPS 66 - CONOCO - 76, Fuel, 2,463.55 PIONEER RESEARCH CORPORATION, Supplies, 2,962.58 PIP MARKETING, Supplies, 894.40 POSTMASTER, Postage, 580.00 CALVIN POULSEN, GIS Serv, 1,775.00 PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT ACADEMY, Serv, 1,000.00 SARPY COUNTY SHERIFF, Fees, 11.46 SID DILLON CHEV-OLDS-PONT, INC, Serv, 52.93 STAMP FULFILLMENT SERVICES, Supplies, 676.10 STAPLES BUSINESS CREDIT, Supplies, 547.02 THOMAS & THOMAS COURT REPORTERS, Fees, 233.19 TURNKEY TECHNOLOGY, LLC, Serv, 620.00 ULTRA CAR WASH, Serv, 500.00 UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE, Postage Machine, 5,000.00 US BANK EQUIPMENT FINANCE, Copier Lease, 81.28 VERIZON CONNECT NWF, INC., Serv, 64.76 VERIZON WIRELESS, Serv, 40.01 VERIZON WIRELESS, Serv, 869.28 WASHINGTON COUNTY BANK, Box Rental, 55.00 WEX BANK, Fuel, 211.42 MICHAEL J. WINCHESTER, Reimb Lodging, 415.14 WOODHOUSE, Serv, 87.83 ROAD FUND EMPLOYEES, Payroll 11/12/2021, 49,492.32 AMERITAS LIFE INSURANCE CORP, Retirement, 3,340.68 UNITED HEALTHCARE INS CO, Ins, 12,253.17 WASHINGTON COUNTY BANK, FICA/MEDI, 3,616.83 WASHINGTON COUNTY BANK, Ins, 2,437.50 BADER'S HIGHWAY & STREET MAINT, INC, Serv, 13,320.00 BIG RIG REPAIR, INC., Parts, 817.00 BLAIR ACE HARDWARE, Supplies, 514.99 BOMGAARS, Parts/Supplies, 432.76 BRAKKAN TRUCKING INC, Gravel, 1,861.47 ENTERPRISE MEDIA GROUP, Notices, 149.16 FIRST NATIONAL BANK, Mileage/Supplies, 175.88 FIRST NATIONAL BANK, Supplies, 998.68 DALE R JOHNSON ENT, INC., Gravel, 504.81 KELLY RYAN EQUIPMENT COMPANY INC, Parts, 54.70 LYMAN-RICHEY SAND & GRAVEL COMPANY, Gravel, 17,496.18 NEWMAN TRAFFIC SIGNS, Signs, 7,118.97 NMC EXCHANGE LLC, Parts, 359.67 POUNDS PRINTING INC, Supplies, 478.00 SAPP BROS, INC, Fuel, 13,201.31 SPEECE LEWIS ENGINEERS, INC, Serv, 2,677.24 TRUCK CENTER COMPANIES, Parts, 2,109.81 WASHINGTON COUNTY BANK, Motorgrader Pmnt, 16,408.46 ROAD/BRIDGE IMPROVEMENT DIST BOKF, NA-CORPORATE TRUST SERVICES, Bond Pmnt, 26,621.25 DRUG COURT CAPITAL ONE, Supplies, 146.43 PUBLIC SAFETY FUND WASHINGTON COUNTY BANK - WIRE TRANS, Bond Pmnt, 340,275.00 JUVENILE SERVICES GRANT EMPLOYEES, Payroll 11/12/2021, 1,923.00 AMERITAS LIFE INSURANCE CORP, Retirement, 129.80 UNITED HEALTHCARE INS CO, Ins, 483.62 WASHINGTON COUNTY BANK, FICA/MEDI, 147.03 WASHINGTON COUNTY BANK, Ins, 93.75 COVID AMERICAN RESCUE PLAN FUND LUTZ & COMPANY, Serv, 2,000.00 911 ENHANCED WIRELESS BLAIR TELEPHONE CO, Serv,296.88 GREAT PLAINS COMMUNICATIONS INC, Serv, 75.95 CALVIN POULSEN, GIS Serv, 1,189.25 JAIL CAPITAL PROJECT FUND FINE TURF, Serv, 1,500.00 THE WEITZ COMPANY, INC, Justice Center, 42,266.00 E-911 FUND BLAIR TELEPHONE CO, Serv, 146.22 COMMUNICATION CENTER SPECIALISTS, Serv, 1,200.00 GREAT PLAINS COMMUNICATIONS INC, Serv, 37.41 HIGH MAINTENANCE AND MODS, INC., Serv, 1,162.50 NEWMAN TRAFFIC SIGNS, Signs, 133.63 CALVIN POULSEN, GIS Serv, 585.75 PRIME COMMUNICATIONS, INC., Serv, 2,035.00 Meeting was adjourned at 3:46 p.m. Steve Dethlefs, Chairman: Attest: Barbara Sullivan, County Clerk. A complete text of the minutes and Resolutions are on file in the office of the County Clerk, 1555 Colfax St, and are available for public inspection during regular business hours, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. ZNEZ ENT 12-3-21


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