PUBLIC NOTICE Washington Co Board of Supervisors The Board met at 3:05 pm on Tue, Sept 22, 2020 in the Conference meeting room at the Public Library in Blair, Nebr. Present: Chairman Steve Dethlefs, …


PUBLIC NOTICE Washington Co Board of Supervisors The Board met at 3:05 pm on Tue, Sept 22, 2020 in the Conference meeting room at the Public Library in Blair, Nebr. Present: Chairman Steve Dethlefs, Co Board Members, Jordan Rishel, Lisa Kramer, Bob Frahm, Jay Anderson, and Steven Kruger. Absent: Kevin Barnhill. Also present, Co Clk Barb Sullivan, Sheriff Mike Robinson, Treas Marj Hoier, and Co Atty Scott VanderSchaaf. Board unanimously approved the agenda for 9/22 and the minutes from the 9/8/20 meeting. Claims were received, reviewed and approved unanimously. Board unanimously approved to place on file correspondence from Blair City and Nebr Judicial Branch, State Court Administrator. Jared Schleifer, Weitz Construction, gave a brief update to Justice Center project. Bill Hansel, Hwy Supt, gave an update on Road Dept projects then opened the following bids for Co Rd 34, Ft Calhoun: 1. Sawyer Construction, $740,243.25, est completion date Jun 2021. 2. Midwest Excavating Services, $689,695.96, est completion date Aug 2021. Lisa Zetocka, Midwest Excavating owner, spoke. Hansel and Chris Lang, Speece Lewis, reviewed bids and gave their recommendation. Board unanimously accepted bid from Midwest Excavating Services. Next Hansel discussed contract with Speece Lewis for Construction Inspection only on Co Rd 30 C89 (13005). Board voted unanimously to authorize Chairman to sign contract with Speece Lewis and cap engineering costs at $26,000. Hansel then discussed Annual Certification of Program Compliance Form 2020. Board voted unanimously to authorize Chairman to sign Compliance Report and adopt Res 2020-23. Marj Hoier, Treas, discussed annual report by Treas of delinquent taxes not sold at annual tax sale and asked the board to review report and give direction at next board meeting. Patti Jurjevich, Region 6 Behavioral Healthcare, presented the FY19 Behavior Health Data Annual Report and gave summary. Jurievich also discussed Region 6’s relocation to 4715 S 132nd St, Omaha and its ownership interest in the building. Board voted unanimously to adopt Res 2020-24; Region 6 Behavioral Healthcare Acquiring Thirty Percent Ownership Interest of Building and Property at 4715 S 132nd St, Omaha. Chris Shewchuk, Plng & Zng, had the following public hearing: Eugenia Daykin requesting approval of a lot split on the North ½ of the NE1/4 and TL 1 is Sect 33-20-11 and a change of zone from A-1 to A-LSR for the newly created lot. Shewchuk went through request then Chairman opened public hearing. Applicant Daykin spoke. Board unanimously approved lot split as presented. Board voted unanimously to adopt Res 2020-25; to rezone a newly created parcel from A-1 to A-LSR. Board unanimously approved SDLs for KC’s LLC, dba RD’s Place, and Dondar Inc, dba Dale’s House of Bottles. Comments from public: John Olsen and Ed Olsen spoke. Board gave brief committee reports. CLAIMS: GENERAL FUND EMPLOYEES, Payroll 9/18/2020, 220,721.16; AMERITAS LIFE INSURANCE CORP, Retirement, 15,415.66; UNITED HEALTHCARE INS CO, Ins, 51,392.22; WASHINGTON COUNTY BANK, FICA/MEDI, 16,106.39; WASHINGTON COUNTY BANK, Ins, 10,375.00; ADVANCED CORRECTIONAL HEALTHCARE, Inmate Care, 2,697.64; ALL MAKES OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO, Copier Lease, 249.34; ANDY'S MOW TOWN INC, Parts, 71.47; ARLINGTON PUBLIC LIBRARY, Donation, 1,100.00; AUTO CREATIONS, Deductible, 250.00; BI-STATE MOTOR PARTS INC, Supplies, 24.88; BLACK HILLS ENERGY, Serv, 151.27; BLAIR ACE HARDWARE, Supplies, 407.08; TAMMI BURBACH, Reimb/Serv, 16.03; NICOLE CAVANAUGH, Public Defender, 1,875.00; CITY OF FORT CALHOUN, Unit Lease, 50.00; CLERK OF DISTRICT COURT, Filing Fees, 144.00; CONNER PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES, Serv, 140.00; COUNTY ASSESSORS' ASSOCIATION OF NE, Dues, 50.00; CREDIT BUREAU SERVICES, INC, Serv, 1,790.35; DAS STATE ACCNTING-CENTRAL FINANCE, Serv, 166.88; DAVID CITY DISCOUNT PHARMACY, Inmate Care, 452.39; DOUGLAS COUNTY SHERIFF, Fees, 37.84; WILLIAM P. DUNN, Public Defender, 6,250.00; EAKES OFFICE SOLUTIONS, Supplies, 43.50; ENTERPRISE MEDIA GROUP, Printing/Notices, 1,509.32; FAIRWAY OIL COMPANY, Fuel, 310.80; FIRST NATIONAL BANK, Supplies/Fuel, 290.05; FORENSIC SERVICES DIVISION, Serv, 130.00; BRADY JOHN HOEKSTRA, Public Defender, 2,500.00; IDEAL PURE WATER, Serv, 300.34; INDOFF INCORPORATED, Supplies, 210.15; INFOSAFE SHREDDING, INC, Serv, 90.00; KONICA MINOLTA PREMIER FINANCE, Copier Lease, 199.48; KONICA MINOLTA BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, Copier Lease, 133.79; LAWSON PRODUCTS, Supplies, 396.77; DEB LUPARDUS, Reimb/Fuel, 10.01; MARSHALL & SWIFT/BOECKH, LLC, Serv, 1,399.95; MCCHESNEY FAMILY LAW GROUP, Court Appt Atty, 1,860.30; JANE MCNEIL, Public Defender, 1,875.00; MENARDS – FREMONT, Supplies, 139.02; STEVEN MENCKE, Reimb/Supplies, 11.64; MICROSOFT, Serv, 137.30; MULTI-COUNTY INFORMATION & Supplies, 1,322.91; MYTTY PC CONSULTING & TRAINING, Serv, 1,905.20; NE HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES, Regional Center, 705.00; O'REILLY AUTOMOTIVE INC, Supplies, 44.33; OFFICE NET, Supplies, 361.04; OFFICE WAREHOUSE, Supplies, 2,232.14; OLSON & STEWART CONSTRUCTION , Serv, 285.00; OMAHA PUBLIC POWER DISTRICT, Serv, 1,080.82; OUR SPECIALTEA, Food Serv, 1,171.50; JULIE A PELL, Serv, 330.02; PFI, Serv, 40.00; PHILLIPS 66 - CONOCO – 76, Fuel, 453.40; PHYSICIANS LABORATORY PC, Serv, 2,628.00; POSITIVE CONCEPTS/ATPI, Supplies, 181.22; CALVIN POULSEN GIS, Serv, 1,512.50; PROGRESSIVE BUSINESS TECHNOLOGIES, Supplies, 76.70; RADIO ACCOUNTING SERVICE, Serv, 675.00; SID DILLON CHEV-OLDS-PONT, INC, Supplies, 198.83; SIDNER, SVOBODA,SCHILKE,THOMSEN, Court Appt Atty, 646.00; SIRCHIE FINGER PRINT LABORATORIES, Supplies, 373.27; SMITTY'S AUTO SERVICE INC, Serv/Repairs, 2,563.95; STAMP FULFILLMENT SERVICES, Supplies, 989.90; TELRITE HOLDINGS, INC., Serv, 469.94; TOTAL FIRE & SECURITY, INC., Inspections, 71.00; TURNKEY TECHNOLOGY, LLC, Serv, 11,208.70; TWO RIVERS BANK, Vehicle Pmnts, 15,053.23; UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE, Postage, 2,000.00; US BANK EQUIPMENT FINANCE, Copier Lease, 81.28; JIM VAN CLEAVE, Mileage, 585.96, VERIZON WIRELESS, Serv, 40.01; VILLAGE OF ARLINGTON, Unit Lease, 50.00; WANEK PHARMACY, Inmate Care, 428.39; WASHINGTON COUNTY BANK, Vehicle Pmnts, 24,157.86; WASHINGTON COUNTY COURT, Court Costs, 546.69; WASHINGTON COUNTY TREASURER, Reimb/Postage, 110.00; WOODHOUSE FORD INC, Serv, 524.22; 88 TACTICEL, Fees, 250.00; ROAD FUND EMPLOYEES, Payroll 9/18/2020, 52,043.20; AMERITAS LIFE INSURANCE CORP, Retirement, 3,512.84; UNITED HEALTHCARE INS CO, Ins, 12,432.74; WASHINGTON COUNTY BANK, FICA/MEDI, 3,779.55; WASHINGTON COUNTY BANK, Ins, 2,625.00; B'S ENTERPRISE INC, Supplies, 22,352.20; CARQUEST AUTO PARTS, Parts, 32.71; BRADLEY CARSON, Gravel, 510.40; COUNTRY TIRE INC, Supplies, 328.87; ENTERPRISE MEDIA GROUP, Notices, 37.76; FASTENAL COMPANY, Supplies, 48.50; FILTER CARE OF NEBRASKA, Serv, 16.40; FIRST NATIONAL BANK, Supplies, 1,104.51; FIRST NATIONAL BANK, Supplies, 399.73; NORETTA GLUP, Supplies, 2,263.00; HI-LINE INC, Supplies, 261.40; HUFF TIRE, INC., Repairs, 293.00; JEO CONSULTING GROUP, INC, Serv, 350.00; DALE R JOHNSON ENT, INC., Gravel, 1,068.29; KELLY RYAN EQUIPMENT COMPANY INC, Supplies, 373.94; KNUDSEN OIL & FEED, Supplies, 3,583.53; LITTLE ENGINES, Supplies, 111.96; LYMAN-RICHEY SAND & GRAVEL COMPANY, Gravel, 48,441.38; MARTIN MARIETTA MATERIALS, Rock, 45,875.53; MEDICAL ENTERPRISES, INC, Serv, 35.00; MENARDS – FREMONT, Supplies, 26.30; OFFICE NET, Supplies, 9.79; SAPP BROS, INC, Fuel, 10,060.17; SPEECE LEWIS ENGINEERS, INC, Serv, 21,165.43; TWISTED R TRUCKING LLC, Gravel, 2,346.68; WASHCO FEED & SUPPLY, Supplies, 2,799.60; REGISTER OF DEEDS MULTI-COUNTY INFORMATION & Serv, 490.76; JUVENILE SERVICES GRANT EMPLOYEES, Payroll 9/18/2020, 1,923.00; AMERITAS LIFE INSURANCE CORP, Retirement, 129.80; UNITED HEALTHCARE INS CO, Ins, 483.63; WASHINGTON COUNTY BANK, FICA/MEDI, 145.15; WASHINGTON COUNTY BANK, Ins, 93.75; 911 ENHANCED WIRELESS BLAIR TELEPHONE CO, Serv, 301.31; HIGHWAY SAFETY FUND EMPLOYEES, Payroll 9/18/2020, 2,454.10; AMERITAS LIFE INSURANCE CORP, Retirement, 190.20; WASHINGTON COUNTY BANK, FICA/MEDI, 187.73; JAIL CAPITAL PROJECT FUND NEBRASKA FURNITURE MART, Supplies, 902.96; PIERSON WIRELESS CORP, Serv, 27,620.00 PROCHASKA & ASSOCIATES INC, Justice Center, 10,983.81; THE SIGN DEPOT LLC, Serv, 220.10; TURNKEY TECHNOLOGY, LLC, Serv, 11,438.94; E-911 FUND B'S ENTERPRISE INC, Supplies, 500.00; BLAIR TELEPHONE CO, Serv, 141.79 ; MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS, Serv, 5,600.10 Meeting was adjourned. Steve Dethlefs, Chairman: Attest: Barbara Sullivan, County Clerk. A complete text of the minutes and Resolutions are on file in the office of the County Clerk, 1555 Colfax St, and are available for public inspection during regular business hours, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. ZNEZ ENT 10-02-20


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