PUBLIC NOTICE City of Blair Regular Council Meeting November 10, 2020 The Mayor and City Council met in regular session in the Blair Public Library on November 10, 2020 at 7:00 PM. The following were …


PUBLIC NOTICE City of Blair Regular Council Meeting November 10, 2020 The Mayor and City Council met in regular session in the Blair Public Library on November 10, 2020 at 7:00 PM. The following were present: Brad Andersen, Kevin Hall, Chris Jensen, Marty Shepard, Jon Stewart, Kevin Willis, Frank Wolff. Absent: Mindy Rump. Also present were: City Administrator Storm, Director of Public Works Schoemaker, City Attorney Solomon, and Chief Lager. Mayor Hansen called the meeting to order and made introductions at 7:00 p.m. followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Consent Agenda approved the following: 3a) Approval of Minutes of the October 27, 2020 meeting, 3b) Clerk report of Mayoral Action of October 27, 2020 meeting, 3c) City Department reports for October, 2020, 3d) October claims as recommended by Finance Committee and 3e) Approve Nebraska Department of Transportation annual agreement for Highway Maintenance for 2021. Conditional Use Permit submitted by Dean Eechaute, 9590 Pine Crest Rd, Blair, NE, to request building an outbuilding in the second front yard on Oak Park 2nd Addition Lots 7,8 & 9, Block, Washington County, Nebraska (9590 Pine Crest Rd.) was approved for fifty (50) years. Council approved approve the plans and specifications for Water Improvement District 55 and Sanitary Sewer Improvement District 77 both in Deerfield Replat and authorization to go out for bid. Ordinance 2409 creating Water Improvement District 55 for Deerfield Replat was signed and published. Ordinance 2410 creating Sanitary Sewer Improvement District 77 for Deerfield Replat was signed and published. Resolution No. 2020-41 adopting the year-end certification of City Street Superintendent was signed and approved. Council approved plans and specifications for Brick Street repairs and authorization to go out for bid and an Engineering Agreement amendment with HGM Engineering for the 10th Street Extension project. Resolution 2020-42 approving an agreement of indemnity regarding transfer of ownership of trained canine Duke to Travis Lyon. Council approved the purchase of a new police vehicle in the amount of $34,446.00. Ordinance 2411 approving a purchase agreement for the sale of the Lots 16 & 17, Block 15, and part of vacated right of way, Blair City, Washington County, Nebraska. Council authorized the use of Registered Warrants to pay expenses associated with the development of Deerfield Replat until permanent financing is obtained. Resolution 2020-43 setting the date for the Board of Equalization to levy special assessments against Lot 14, College Heights Addition, Blair City, Washington County for mowing was signed and adopted. City Administrator Storm stated he had no report except to note that city crews are preparing for winter weather. Mayor Hansen introduced the newly elected City Council member Andrew Schank and congratulated him on his election win. He stated Brad Andersen will be missed and thanked him for his years of service. Meeting adjourned at 7:52 p.m. The following claims were approved: Aaa Garage Door Inc, Svc, 496.00; Abe's Trash Service Inc, Svc, 955.36; Acco, Inv, 1148.40; Aflac, Dues, 1141.92; Air Products & Chemicals, Inv, 1763.36; Ajee Woods, Svc, 480.00; Allied 100 Llc, Inv, 718.24; American Broadband, Svc, 2058.79; American Library Association, Svc, 337.00; American Underground Supply, Inv, 6883.99; Andy's Mow Town, Svc, 299.99; Ang Refrigeration, Heating &, Svc, 461.50; Angels Share Inc, Svc, 7000.00; Arps Red-E-Mix Inc, Svc, 1118.71; Babkel Mechanical, Svc, 2370.80; Baker & Taylor Books, Inv, 3227.03; Bart Moore Subcontracting Inc, Svc, 50.00; Benefit Plans Inc, Svc, 1106.25; Bh Ne Gas Utility, Svc, 630.51; Big Rig Truck Accessories, Inv, 154.54; Bishop Business, Inv, 3280.00; Blair Ace Hardware, Inv, 498.41; Blair Small Animal Clinic, Svc, 92.73; Bomgaars Supply Inc, Inv, 517.33; Braniff Service, Svc, 1228.00; Calvin Poulsen, Svc, 1230.00; Carquest Auto Parts, Inv, 130.69; City Of Wahoo, Svc, 19866.00; Civicplus, Svc, 3472.88; Cj's Tree Service Inc, Svc, 500.00; Counsel Office & Document, Svc, 1061.76; Country Tire Inc, Svc, 1395.45; Cubby's Inc, Inv, 3866.17; Cummins Inc, Svc, 1304.02; Danko Emergency Equipment Co, Inv, 257.71; Department Of Utilities, Svc,148.95; Desirae M Solomon, Svc, 5000.00; Dezurik, Inv, 4591.38; Dick's Electric Co, Svc, 8234.68; Dpc Industires Inc, Inv, 30.00; Eakes Office Plus, Inv, 1465.83; Ed M Feld Eq Co., Inv, 4256.15; Enterprise Publishing Co, Svc, 1824.31; Eriksen Construction Co Inc, Svc, 21061.00; Ethan Roe, Svc, 27.03; Fairfield Inn & Suites, Svc, 314.85; Fastenal Company, Inv, 140.66; Flood Break, Svc, 16425.00; Force Science Institute Ltd, Svc, 495.00; Fremont Tribune, Svc, 741.00; Gerhold Concrete, Inv, 829.20; Getzschman Heating Llc, Svc, 488.00; Grainger, Inv, 417.30; Guideposts, Svc, 16.97; Hach Co, Inv, 804.06; Hansen Agency, Svc, 3129.60; Hansen Contracting, Svc, 500.00; Harsin Built Construction, Svc, 50.00; Hdr Engineering Inc, Svc, 9514.81; Henton Trenching Inc, Svc, 14123.01; Hgm Associates Inc, Svc, 2378.04; Highway Signing Inc, Svc, 2500.00; Hotsy Equipment Co, Svc, 695.24; Industrial Sales Company Inc, Inv, 279.96; J Nielsen Construction Llc, Svc, 500.00; J.P. Cooke Co., Inv, 365.10; Jackson Services, Svc, 752.55; Jensen Lawn Solutions, Svc, 1485.00; Jeo Consulting Group Inc, Svc, 1897.50; John Crane Inc, Svc, 2404.69; John Deere Financial Sales, Svc, 1137.45; Johnson Diesel Services Llc, Svc, 510.00; Jones & Bartlett Publishers, Inv, 798.32; Jones Automotive Inc, Svc, 7515.45; Jonesy's Towing, Svc, 600.00; Joseph Lager, Svc, 311.17; Kelly Ryan Equipment Co, Svc, 10663.20; Lasco Home Improvement, Svc, 50.00; Leads Online, Svc, 2192.00; Logan Contractors Supply, Inv, 3716.35; Long's Ok Tire Stores, Svc, 649.72; Make, Svc, 34.95; Memorial Community Hospital, Svc, 155.00; Michael Todd & Company Inc, Inv, 445.90; Micro Marketing Llc, Inv, 517.45; Mid-Iowa Solid Waste, Inv, 5343.11; Midwest Laboratories, Svc, 800.05; Midwest Mudjacking Inc, Svc, 2180.50; Miller Incorporated, Svc, 468.00; Municipal Emergency Services, Inv, 2194.46; Municipal Pipe Services Inc, Inv, 40125.00; National Geographic, Svc, 67.00; Navigate360 Llc, Svc, 1200.00; Nebraska Dept Of Health &, Svc, 495.46; Nebraska Public Health, Svc, 217.00; Nebraska Salt & Grain Co, Inv, 25661.35; Officenet, Inv, 422.34; Olson & Stewart Const Inc, Svc, 900.00; One Call Concepts Inc, Svc, 106.03; Onsite Services Solutions, Llc, Svc, 1867.00; Ontrac, Svc, 148.28; Oppd, Svc, 98488.71; O'reilly Automotive Stores Inc, Inv, 289.32; Otter Creek Mechanical Inc, Svc, 38711.60; Pete Lien & Sons Inc, Inv, 41680.35; Pioneer Cleaning Llc, Svc, 500.00; Reader's Digest Large Print, Inv, 29.96; Rolling Acres Complex, Svc, 105.00; S & S Pumping Service Llc, Svc, 14235.00; S.E. Smith & Sons, Inv, 96.89; Sapp Bros Petroleum Inc, Inv, 1447.60; Sid Dillon, Svc, 498.05; Sos Heating Cooling, Svc, 6100.00; Spartan Stores Llc, Inv, 123.40; Stalp Gravel , Inc, Inv, 4255.93; Sterling Ambitions, Invest, 40000.00; Stetson Building Products, Inv, 4248.00; Stratus Building Solution, Svc, 4710.00; Sullivan Patrick, Svc, 200.00; Superior Green Inc, Svc, 4635.52; Symbolarts, Inv, 115.00; The Cure Inc, Inv, 78.96; The Lincoln National Life, Svc, 3819.84; The Sign Depot, Svc, 845.14; Titan Machinery, Inv, 105.78; Todco Llc, Svc, 1648.34; Total Truck & Machine Llc, Svc, 16467.37; Two Rivers State Bank, Svc, 45000.00; Us Cellular, Svc, 649.28; Us Postal Service, Inv, 2000.00; Verizon 883740345-00001, Svc, 518.56; Vessco Inc, Inv, 1516.20; Washington Co Court, Svc, 49.00; Washington County Chamber, Inv, 2000.00; Washington County Register, Svc, 236.00; Washington County Treasurer, Svc, 363.75; Woodhouse Ford Inc, Svc, 83.69. Richard Hansen, Mayor ATTEST: Brenda Wheeler, City Clerk ZNEZ PT 12-15-20


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