Local hires good for law enforcement, emergency management units


Recently, the Blair Police Department announced the hiring of four new officers, two of which were Blair natives.

To hire that many officers at a time is crucial in a time where a labor shortage impacts virtually all industries. To be able to recruit locals for those positions is important as well.

We appreciate the contributions law enforcement professionals and first responders give to the area. Anyone who elects to put themselves in harm's way, no matter where they're from, is someone who is serious about protecting the public no matter the location. The dedication and bravery in the face of danger takes special people.

The source of some of that dedication stems from the fact that many on the front lines of emergencies are from the area they serve. Fire department rosters, medical centers and law enforcement agencies are full of people who were born and raised here or at least individuals who have lived here for a number of years and have started families of their own.

Natives or long-time residents who have taken the pledge to serve and protect know that they are doing so in their communities. They know they have signed up to keep their friends, families and neighbors safe and they know that they may be put into difficult situations that could have long-standing implications on their hometowns.

But what's more is they understand a community. They know the backroads and businesses, the people and places that make the town what it is. A friendly, familiar face can mean the world to someone who finds themselves in need of rescue.

The stakes that comes with a career in law enforcement or emergency response are high for not just the individuals that wear the uniforms, but for the people who live in work in the towns in which they serve. Someone from the area understands that and will do whatever necessary to make sure they can continue to keep the town and its people as protected as possible.


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  • BlairPD

    As someone who works as a police officer in a town I don’t live in this article is very offensive. It implies that because I’m not a “good old local boy” I will not protect, defend or put my life on the line for the citizens I swore to protect as much as a local hire. This is just not true, I take my my oath seriously and not living in the town I serve will not stop me from fully serving or protecting the citizens.

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