LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The blind leading the blind


The bane of democracy, a society void of wisdom. 250 years of history and nothing is learned. A war, (1776), against the greed of a monarchy was the beginning of our democracy. A war, (1861), against greed and white supremacy resulted in the party of Lincoln saving our democracy. With the passage of the Civil Rights Act in 1964, we saw the South exhibiting their racial prejudice, change from Democrats to Republicans. The party of Lincoln that put country first has been seized by the far right, concerned only with power. 

In 1980 we elected the great destroyer, believing greed was acceptable, he relaxed the enforcement of the anti-trust laws that protect corporate competition, the reason for our current inflation, he busted unions to exploit labor, and claiming his trickle-down theory, he reduced taxes on the rich and paid for it with his borrow and spend policy, the birth of our current national debt. 

Again in 2008, that racial hatred reared its ugly head, when Mitch McConnel said he would make Obama a one-time President. Then on January 6, 2020, we witnessed a Republican party, writhe with white supremacy and fascism attempt to overthrow our democracy, a disease that continues to infect our politics. 

From 1941 to 1945 we fought a war to save the world from this tyranny, and now it appears the Republicans would cede our democracy for a big lie. 

What we are witnessing is the culmination of the Regan Revolution, where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, where money reins over our politics. It is very possible the Citizens United decision that declared corporations to be people, may be the undoing of our democracy, whereas it opened the door for an oligarchy. We have seen how corporations have slowly taken more and more control of our government, i.e. the K street lobbyist and congress on the take, where greed is now in control. Are you so naïve to think this was by chance? We are very close to waking up to find a government like Russia, is that what you want? 

Divide and conquer? Will the division constantly promoted by a corporate media allow the Oligarchs to win this battle for our freedom? Will ignorance be the straw that breaks democracy’s back?

Lest we forget.

William Burdess

Fort Calhoun


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