Just vote


It's our civic duty as citizens of the United States of America — exercising our right to vote.

No one needs to be reminded how important this election is.

More than 69 million Americans have voted in the 2020 presidential election via early voting or absentee ballots with a week until Election Day, according to U.S. Elections Project data released Tuesday.

Nebraska Secretary of State Bob Evnen announced Tuesday early ballots from 395,420 Nebraska voters had been received and accepted by county election officials.

In addition to the state and national races, there are important local races residents should educate themselves on before casting their vote, including Blair City Council, Fort Calhoun City Council, Arlington Board of Education and Fort Calhoun Board of Education.

If you've already cast your vote, great. If you've requested an early ballot, make sure you get those turned in at the Washington County Courthouse by 8 p.m. Tuesday. You can still vote early in person until Monday at the courthouse.

Otherwise, make sure to visit your polling place. Take the necessary precautions to keep yourself safe in this pandemic.



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