Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska receives grant for restoration project


Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska will receive $51,100 from the Nebraska Environmental Trust (NET) for its Spirit of Nebraska Camp Woodland Restoration project.

The Spirit of Nebraska Camp Woodland Restoration Project will enhance 200 acres of oak and cottonwood forest and tall grass prairie as well as enrich habitats for tier 1 and tier 2 species through the strategic removal of invasive trees. Tier 1 species are those found in Nebraska that are globally or nationally most at-risk of extinction. Tier 2 species are rare or imperiled within Nebraska, although typically not at-risk from a global or national perspective.

Improved year-round access will allow for additional safety for camp visitors and facilitation of programs for girls while keeping protection of flora and fauna in mind. Girl Scouts will be completing this project on two camp properties: Camp Crossed Arrows located near Nickerson, in Washington and Dodge counties, and Camp Maha in Papillion, a Biologically Unique Landscape designated by the Nebraska Natural Legacy Project.

Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska requested $51,100 from NET to assist in the purchase of new and used equipment to remove invasive cedar, autumn olive and rough leaf dogwood species from the camp properties over three years. The council also has secured an additional $25,000 in funding for this project.

In partnership with Oak Woodlands Alliance, Nebraska Game and Parks, and Fontenelle Forest, Spirit of Nebraska will follow land management best practices during the restoration process. The council will work to prevent woodland overgrowth moving forward, producing long-term benefits.

The Trust Board announced funding for the project at its meeting April 8 in Lincoln. The project is one of 113 receiving more than $18.3 million in grant awards from NET this year. Of these, 42 were new applications and 71 are carry-over projects.


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