EDITORIAL: School communications specialist good for transparency


In a time where education across the country is under a microscope for a number of reasons, transparency from districts is key.

It is a parent's right to know what is happening within the walls and the community's right to know how a portion of their tax dollars are being spent. Transparency is a two-way street and requires a district willing to provide information to the public in a timely and accurate manner to guardians and affected stakeholders.

The importance of transparency in education is why Blair Community Schools' plans to add a communications professional is a positive step for the district. This individual will be responsible for both promoting student achievement and activities and informing the public of safety issues or developments within the district's buildings.

Prior to the position, we relied on employees at each building to disperse information. Each update reached a different audience and varied in frequency. This also added yet another duty to an already heavy workload for teachers and administrators.

By adding a communications professional, someone's full-time job will be to insure important information is distributed in a timely and effective manner. Funneling communication through one source will allow for consistency and a steady voice for the district, as well.

This will also help local media better inform the public of what's going on within the schools.

On top of increasing the transparency of the district, it also allows more opportunities for individuals and programs to be celebrated at the school as well. Hopefully, this position means more social media posts and inclusions in newsletters dedicated towards student achievement in the classroom, courts and fields and fine arts stages. It is never a bad thing for a school to promote its students' prowess in any facet of education whenever possible. The public will surely look forward to reading more about the young minds in their community reaching new goals.

We eagerly anticipate the addition of this individual and know that this will provide an added level of community inclusion if utilized correctly. Students and staff, too, should be excited their hard work will soon shine brighter in the public eye.


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