City of Blair Regular Council Meeting June 14, 2022 The Mayor and City Council met in regular session in the City Council Chambers on June 14, 2022, at 7:00 PM. The following were present: Holly …


City of Blair Regular Council Meeting June 14, 2022 The Mayor and City Council met in regular session in the City Council Chambers on June 14, 2022, at 7:00 PM. The following were present: Holly Hafer, Kevin Hall, Mindy Rump, Marty Shepard, Jon Stewart, Kevin Willis, Frank Wolff. Absent: Andrew Schank. Also present were City Administrator Storm, Assistant City Administrator Barrow, Director of Public Works Schoemaker, City Attorney Solomon, and Chief Lager. Mayor Hansen called the meeting to order and made introductions at 7:00 p.m. followed by a statement of compliance with the open meetings act and Pledge of Allegiance. Consent Agenda approved the following: 3a) Approval of Minutes of the May 24, 2022 meeting, 3b) Clerk report of Mayoral Action of meeting May 24, 2022, 3c) City Department reports for May, 2022, 3d) Claims as recommended by the Finance Committee, 3e) Approve Mayoral appointment of Kristi Rounds to the Park Board until 12/2024 and Neil Smith and Joel Bacon to the LB840 Board until 12/2024. Council approved the following: Conditional Use Permit submitted by Bart Moore, 841 N. 24th Ave., Blair, for Bart Moore Subcontracting to construct a contractor’s office on Lots 5 through 10, Block 52, in the Original Townsite of the City Blair, Washington County, Nebraska (1143 Lincoln Street), for twenty (20) years; Lot Split application submitted by Don Grace, 1231 Pinewood Drive., Blair, Nebraska, for a Lot Split of Tax Lot 123, a tract of land located in the Southeast Quarter of the Northeast Quarter and the Northeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of Section 2, Township 18 North, Range 11 East, of the 6th P.M., City of Blair, Washington County, Nebraska; Replat application submitted by Angels Share, 9290 West Dodge Road, Suite 402, Omaha, Nebraska, for Lots 80 & 81, A Replat of Lots 4 & 5, Transformation Hill Addition, A Platted and Recorded Addition to Washington County, Nebraska; Final Plat application submitted by Yampa Valley Properties, LLC, 1444 N. Nye Ave, Fremont, Nebraska, for the Tilson’s Trail Subdivision, Lots 1 and 2, Being A Platting of Tax Lot 206, Lying in the Southwest ¼ of the Northwest ¼ of Section 10, Township 18 North, Range 11 East, of the 6th PM, Washington County, Nebraska (11654 Olive Branch Lane); Ordinance No. 2481 Rezone application submitted by Yampa Valley Properties, LLC, 1444 N. Nye Ave, Fremont, Nebraska, for the Tilson’s Trail Subdivision from AGG - General Agricultural District to RRE - Rural Residential Estates; Ordinance 2482 annexing and extending the corporate limits of the City of Blair to include the real estate generally described as a parcel of land known as Lot 8 of the South 10th Street Subdivision and Tract A Dedicated 10th Street right away located in the Northwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of Section 13, Township 18 North, Range 11 East of the 6th P.M., Washington County, Nebraska on first reading; Resolution 2022-20 to approve an Interlocal Agreement with League Insurance Government Health Team (LIGHT) and a membership agreement for participation in the LIGHT Member Health Plan for coverage effective July 1, 2022; Resolution 2022-21 designating official to serve on the League Insurance Government Health Team (LIGHT) Board of Directors; Resolution 2022-22 designating the street in Grant Street Industrial Park Subdivision as KJK Circle. Motion by Kevin Hall, second by Kevin Willis to adopt Resolution No. 2022-22 as presented and approved plans and specifications for the 2022 Water Treatment Plant Expansion project and authorization to go out for bid. Council went into Executive Session at 8:05 p.m. to discuss litigation involving the City of Blair and to preserve the attorney-client privilege and came out of Executive Session and reconvened as a City Council at 8:22 p.m. City Administrator Storm had no report. Meeting adjourned at 8:23 p.m. The following claims were approved: ABES TRASH SVC 1403.35, ACCO INV 2228.07, VERIZON SVC 543.48, BH ENERGY SVC 1825.44, BARROW SVC 128.7, BLAIR GARDEN CENTER INV 407.94, BOMGAAR INV 769.31, COUNSEL OFFICE SVC 846.85, BOUND TREE MED INV 2005.68, CARQUEST INV 94.18, QUICK MED SVC 1996.94, COUNTRY TIRE SVC 97.6, DEMCO INV 220.76, DICK'S ELECTRIC SVC 37905.73, DOUGLAS CO TREAS SVC 42.99, ELECTRIC PUMP SVC 6387.04, ENTERPRISE PUBLISH SVC 1809.56, ZOLL MED INV 1304.9, JEO CONSULT SVC 540, GERHOLD CONCRETE INV 3561.75, GRAINGER INV 56.36, WOOD SVC 400, HGM ASSOC SVC 715.12, HACH INV 1617.56, HENTON TRENCHING SVC 3328.12, HODSON SVC 70.2, INGRAM INV 3592.33, MIDLAND SCIENTIFIC INC SVC 378.9, MUNICIPAL SUPP INV 3620.17, AQUA-CHEM INV 4302.85, LEAGUE OF NE MUNICIPALITI SVC 130, LOGAN CONTRACTORS SUPPLY INV 9727.25, SIGN DEPOT INV 110.5, MCKINNIS ROOFING & SHEET SVC 270.63, MELLEN & ASSOCIATES INV 1178, MEMORIAL COMM HOSP SVC 155, MENARDS INV 1476, DTN SVC 513, GREAT PLAINS SVC 2674.66, MIDWEST LAB SVC 405.05, MISSISSIPPI LIME INV 33833.27, MATHESON TRI-GAS INC INV 180.61, MUNICIPAL EMER SERV INV 9244.05, CORE & MAIN INV 2464.96, NE DEPT OF ENVIRON SVC 7980, NE FURN MART INV 117.98, NE PUBLIC HEALTH SVC 399.75, NE LAW ENFORCE SVC 360, NE DNR SVC 10, SPARTAN INV 239.5, OLSON & STEWART CONST SVC 3000, OLSSON ASSOC SVC 3064.78, HIRCHERT-OLSEN AUTO SVC 2594.85, OPPD SVC 92091.46, PITNEY BOWES INV 561, JONESYS TOW SVC 400, JOHN DEERE FIN SVC 252.86, S&S PUMP SVC 5470, SE SMITH & SONS INV 126.54, MICRO MARKETING INV 286.46, SCHOEMAKER SVC 519.14, STALP GRAVEL INV 2889.19, STORM SVC 95.36, HOWARD THOMPSON AGY SVC 675, USPS SVC 3070.70, WA CO REG DEEDS SVC 130, WA CO BANK INV 93131.65, KELLY RYAN EQUIP SVC 7165.8, AMER UNDERGRND INV 4599.99, NDEQ INV 141808.29, CLIA LAB PROG SVC 180, SAPP BROS INV 1686.29, ODEYS INV 298, SHRED SOL SVC 75, NWEA SVC 100, MORROW & ASSOC SVC 7967.49, ONE CALL CONCEPTS INC SVC 237.1, EAKES INV 3060.08, GREAT PLAINS UNIFORMS INV 556.91, SECURITY EQUIP SVC 4224, PIONEER CLEAN SVC 500, COLIBRI SYS INV 1163.2, ONE SOURCE SVC 227, POULSEN CALVIN SVC 3555, MIDWEST FENCE-GAURDRAIL INV 3249.76, BEIERMANN SVC 125.78, SUPERIOR GREEN SVC 23419.58, BLAIR RENT IT CTR SVC 63.67, AQUA PROD SVC 43.34, ULINE INV 395.28, LIBRARY IDEAS INV 527.4, HORIZON REHAB SVC 3340, BLAIR ACE INV 2856.19, IDEXX DISTRIB INV 567.4, JACKSON SVC 1085.45, AIR PROD & CHEM INV 7051.64, HAWKINS INV 9153.85, CUBBYS INV 7687.48, SOLOMON SVC 5434, AXON ENT SVC 779, THOMPSON SVC 1353.97, BIZCO TECHNOLOGIES SVC 4279.68, US CELL SVC 235.92, HDR ENGIN INC SVC 267257.89, MACQUEEN EQUIP INV 118.71, TTL TRUCK & MACHINE SVC 11836.16, OMAHA NEON SIGN SVC 50, BLACKBURNS TOWING SVC 289, ORKIN INV 140, ODELL ENT SVC 500, AMAZON INV 4593.18, UNMC CTR FOR CONT ED SVC 160, THERMAL HEATING AIR SVC 1679.01, CITY WIDE FACILITY SOL SVC 5750, PEPSI INV 145.56, MARC JONES CONST SVC 50, COMFORT INN GRAND ISLAND SVC 470, ORCHARD VLY INC SVC 1000, JDW MIDWEST LLC SVC 1530, KISSICK CONST SVC 709925.54, MID-AMER BEN LLC SVC 187.2, GUTSCHOW SVC 200, SPRINGHOWER SVC 100, AKRS EQUIP INV 85.5, REAL REPTILES LLC SVC 295, UTILITY DIVING SVC 6222.5, LAMINATOR.COM INV 454.49, KARRIER CO INV 1414.16, GROUNDWORKS NE LLC SVC 50, MCMANIGAL KELLY SVC 542.46, SAMS CLUB INV 726.84. Richard Hansen, Mayor ATTEST: Brenda Wheeler, City Clerk A complete text of the minutes, Resolutions, Ordinances are on file in the office of the City Clerk, 218 S. 16th Street, and are available for public inspection during regular business hours, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. ZNEZ PT 7-5-22


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