City of Blair Regular Council Meeting July 12, 2022 The Mayor and City Council met in regular session in the City Council Chambers on July 12, 2022, at 7:00 PM. The following were present: Jon …


City of Blair Regular Council Meeting July 12, 2022 The Mayor and City Council met in regular session in the City Council Chambers on July 12, 2022, at 7:00 PM. The following were present: Jon Stewart, Holly Hafer, Mindy Rump, Andrew Schank, Marty Shepard, Frank Wolff. Absent: Kevin Willis and Jon Stewart. Also present were City Administrator Storm, Assistant City Administrator Barrow, Director of Public Works Schoemaker, City Attorney Solomon, Library Director Zarco and Chief Lager. Mayor Hansen called the meeting to order and made introductions at 7:00 p.m. followed by a statement of compliance with the open meetings act and the Pledge of Allegiance. The Consent Agenda approved the following: 3a) Approval of Minutes of the June 28, 2022, meeting, 3b) Clerk report of Mayoral Action of June 28, 2022, meeting, 3c) City Department reports for June 2022, 3d) Claims as recommended by the Finance Committee, 3e) Approve Mayoral appointment of Wesley Baedke to the Airport Authority until December 2024, 3f) Approve Blake Gutschow and Chris Honke as new members of the BVFD. Conditional Use Permit (CUP) submitted by Melvin Sudbeck of Melvin Sudbeck Homes, Inc, 16255 Woodland Dr, Omaha, Nebraska, to construct single-family attached dwellings with a minimum square footage of 1,200 per unit on Lots 65-80, Ridgeview Estates (1135-1287 JoAnn Drive), A Replat of Lots 38-49 of Ridgeview Estates, a Subdivision in the City of Blair, Washington County, Nebraska, for the life of the structures was postponed until the next meeting and referred to the Judiciary/Real Estate Committee to consider possible conditions to be added to the CUP. Council approved the following: Lot Split application submitted by Henry Neef, 2510 Hollow Road, Blair, Nebraska, for a Lot Split of Tax Lot 291, a tract of land located in part of the Northwest Quarter of the Southwest Quarter of Section 14, Township 18 North, Range 11 East, of the 6th P.M., City of Blair, Washington County, Nebraska as presented; a Replat application submitted by Ken B. & Rozanne M. Funk, 1408 Pierce St., Norfolk, Nebraska, for Deerfield Replat 2, Lots 87 thru 90, A Replat of Lots 19 thru 23, a Platted Subdivision in the City of Blair, Washington County, Nebraska as presented; Ordinance 2483 amending the City of Blair Zoning Regulations, Article 3, Section 303, (143), Definitions, and Article 11, Section 1114, Sign Regulations, by adding and changing language regarding the computation of the face area of a sign so that only the largest face area of a double-faced sign is used in the determination of a sign size; Resolution 2022-25 renewing city's agreement with Big Red Keno; Ordinance 2482 for annexing and extending the corporate limits of the City of Blair to include the real estate generally described as a parcel of land known as Lot 8 of the South 10th Street Subdivision and Tract A Dedicated 10th Street right away located in the Northwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of Section 13, Township 18 North, Range 11 East of the 6th P.M., Washington County, Nebraska on final reading; Ordinance 2484 amending the Blair Municipal Code, Chapter 2, Article 2 in reference to the Planning Commission; Resolution 2022-26 approving an amendment to the Interlocal agreement with the Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District for the Washington County Rural Water Project No. 2.; Engineering Agreement Amendment for the Water Treatment Plant Expansion Project; camera proposal from SEI for the city's tree limb disposal site; Plans and Specifications and Authorization to go out for Bids for the Washington County Water Main Project; Resolution 2022-27 approving an Interlocal Agreement with Omaha, PMRNRD, Douglas County, Sarpy County and Blair for Updated LIDAR for City GIS; and Engineering Agreement with HGM Engineering for the City's Bridge Inspections. City Administrator reported the bidding for the water plant is delayed until the third week of August. Director of Public Works Schoemaker stated the waiver from EPA has not been received. Meeting adjourned at 8:44 p.m. The following claims were approved: ABES TRASH SVC 1648.61, ACCURATE LOCKSMITHS SVC 44.2, VERIZON SVC 543.36, BH ENERGY SVC 729.46, ARPS RED E MIX INV 4318, BAKER TAYLOR INV 83.5, BARROW SVC 67.28, BISTATE MOTOR INV 625, BISHOP BIZ EQUIP INV 3720, BLAIR BAKERY INV 22.2, AM BROADBAND SVC 8.64, BOMGAAR INV 1279.51, COUNSEL OFFICE DOC SVC 1067.4, PIONEER TELE SVC 22.41, BOUND TREE MED INV 535, CARQUEST INV 144.27, QUICK MED LLC SVC 1209.3, CNTRY TIRE SVC 266.26, CUMMINS SVC 965.33, DPC INDST INV 998.23, DANKO EMERGENCY EQUIP INV 1385.18, DICKS ELCTRC SVC 10129.09, DITCH WITCH INV 3838.05, DOUGLAS CNTY TREAS SVC 37.76, ELECTRONIC ENG INV 816.5, ENTERPRISE PUBLISH SVC 772.6, ERIKSEN CONSTR INC SVC 9400, ESRI SVC 5600, FAIRWAY OIL INV 513, DHHS 249.1, JEO SVC 2006.17, GERHOLD CONCRETE INV 5019.34, GRAINGER INV 328.84, WOOD SVC 400, HGM SVC 2519.43, HENTON TRENCH SVC 11179.4, AAA GARAGE DOOR SVC 1259, ICMA SVC 1202.4, NE IA INDUST FASTENER INV 204.85, LINCOLN LIFE SVC 3897.91, JENSEN WELL INC SVC 25536.04, JORGENSEN CONTR SVC 500, MIDLAND SCIENTIFIC SVC 122.24, MUNIC SPPL INV 837.82, AQUA CHEM INV 1498.6, LOGAN CONTRCT INV 2855.39, SIGN DEPOT INV 1170, MCKINNIS ROOF SHEET SVC 571.9, MELLEN ASSOC INV 643.1, MICHAEL TODD INV 700.34, MDWST AUTO FIRE SVC 270, GREAT PLAINS SVC 3276.19, MDWST LAB SVC 252.87, MS LIME INV 61147.72, MATHESON TRI GAS INV 180.3, NATL ASSOC OF SCHOOL SVC 495, NALCO INV 6907.58, CORE MAIN INV 1377.16, NE DEPT OF TRANS SVC 32653.69, NE PUBLIC HLTH SVC 1381, NE IA SUPPLY INV 42.81, NE LAW ENFORS SVC 500, NE LIBRARY SVC 140, SPARTAN STRS INV 208.57, OREILLY INV 161.91, OLSON STEWART CONST SVC 1500, OLSSON ASSOC SVC 6227.1, HIRCHERT OLSEN SVC 189.95, OMAHA WORLD HERALD INV 416, OPPD SVC 90922.63, SIGMA ALDRICH SVC 97.35, PSC CONST SVC 50, JONESYS SVC 1200, SS PUMPING SVC 6465, SE SMITH SONS INV 499.81, MICRO MRKTING INV 40, SCHOLASTIC BK FAIRS INV 211.67, SID DILLON SVC 776.1, INGERSOLL RAND SVC 221.37, STORM SVC 1020.67, WHEELER SVC 81.12, USABLUEBOOK INV 907.45, USPS SVC 2400, ULTRA CAR WASH SVC 100, BOBCAT INV 513.13, VESSCO INV 3505.17, WA CO REG DEEDS SVC 92, WA CO BANK EMPLYR HSA 8638.53, KELLY RYAN EQUIP SVC 483.48, AM UNDERGROUND INV 13853.79, BUDS AUTO SVC 170.69, BRANIFF SVC 235, JOHN DAY INV 1508.73, JOHNSON HWARE SVC 15879, CINTAS CO #749 SVC 239.39, MDWST MUDJACKING SVC 8788, NE CHILD SUPPORT 214.62, SHREDDING SOLUT SVC 80.03, SHERWIN WILLIAMS INV 1450.1, CONSOL MNGMNT SVC 956.9, ABES PORTABLES SVC 530, AFLAC SVC 1609.17, BART MOORE SUBCONTR SVC 50, FREMONT AUTO SVC 175, POTABLE DIVERS INC 13500, ONE CALL CONCEPTS SVC 320.38, EAKES OFFICE INV 1059.57, SYMBOLARTS SVC 220, PIONEER CLEAN SVC 500, ONE SOURCE SVC 192, POULSEN CALVIN SVC 3825, NE ST FIRE MARS SVC 120, NWRA 105, BEIERMANN SVC 98.28, JOHN E REID & ASSOC SVC 600, SUPERIOR GREEN SVC 19480.51, NAPA INV 68.98, HORIZON REHAB SVC 560, ACE INV 763.65, JACKSON SVC 790.57, AIR PROD CHEM INV 8201.08, HAWKINS INV 6377.2, ELECTRNIC CONTRAC SVC 372, CUBBYS INV 9724.05, DESIRAE SVC 5000, TREKK DESIGN SEV 6027.5, HODSON MOWING SVC 300, THOMPSON SVC 1580, AJEE WOODS SVC 925, BIZCO TECH INV 3056.43, USCELL SVC 235.92, FICA 38472.01, ST TAX 5935.94, PRINCIPAL 24422.02, HDR ENGEN SVC 12803.63, TTL TRUCK MACHINE SVC 2857.95, NW FEED GRAIN INV 108.98, AMAZON INV 2347.7, BEAR HOMES SVC 500, MCL CONSTRUC SVC 500, HARSIN BUILT CONSTRUC SVC 200, THERMAL SVC 4119.73, CTY WIDE FACILTY SOL SVC 2875, ORCHARD VALLEY INC SVC 500, LANGER ELECTRIC SVC 3449, JDW MDWST LLC SVC 2070, KISSICK CONSTRUC SVC 913729.06, TREETOP PROD INV 1418.3, DAKOTA FENCE DECK SVC 50, KESLING WILLIAM P SVC 500, WEDDELL CONSTRUC LLC SVC 50, MARCKMANN ROBERT SVC 150, ZIMCO SUPPLY SVC 2343.32, BOOMERS BLDERS. SVC 3125, PAYROLL 118412.71. Richard Hansen, Mayor ATTEST: Brenda Wheeler, City Clerk ZNEZ PT 8-2-22


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