City of Blair Regular Council Meeting December 14, 2021 The Mayor and City Council met in regular session in the City Council Chambers on December 14, 2021, at 7:00 PM. The following were present: …


City of Blair Regular Council Meeting December 14, 2021 The Mayor and City Council met in regular session in the City Council Chambers on December 14, 2021, at 7:00 PM. The following were present: Kevin Hall, Chris Jensen, Mindy Rump, Marty Shepard, Jon Stewart, Kevin Willis, Frank Wolff. Absent: Andrew Schank. Also present were City Administrator Storm, Assistant City Administrator Barrow, Director of Public Works Schoemaker, City Attorney Solomon and Chief Lager. Mayor Hansen called the meeting to order and made introductions at 7:00 p.m. followed by a statement of compliance with the open meetings act and the Pledge of Allegiance. Consent Agenda approved the following: 3a) Approval of Minutes of the November 23, 2021, meeting, 3b) Clerk report of Mayoral Action of November 23, 2021, meeting, 3c) City Department reports for November 2021 and 3d) Claims as recommended by the Finance Committee. Council approved a Replat application submitted by Ronald J. and Kristie M. Nichols, 11371 Dakota Cir., Blair, NE, and Jeffery L. and Carolyn M. Young, 13621 State Hwy 91, Blair, NE, for the Jensen Acres Replat, a Replat of Lots 1 thru 4, a Platted Subdivision Located in the Northeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter of Section 10, Township 18 North, Range 11 East of the 6th P.M., Washington County, Nebraska. Ordinance 2468 vacating and abandoning Dakota Circle in Jensen Acres Subdivision after the replat of Jensen Acres eliminating Lot 3 was signed and published. Council approved a Replat application submitted by Gary W. and Karen K. Bates, 7521 N. Terrace Trl.,Blair, NE, and Joel Michael Kelly and Sarah L. Kelly, 5312 N. 126th St., Omaha, NE, for Spring Ridge, Lots 35 and 36, a Replat of Lots 27, 28, and 29, a Subdivision Platted, Surveyed and Recorded in the South ½ of the Northwest ¼ and the Northwest ¼ of the Southwest ¼, All in Section 34, Township 18 North, Range 11 East of the 6th P.M., Washington County, Nebraska. Ordinance 2469 amending the City of Blair Zoning Regulations, Article 7, Section 705.10, Maximum Height, changing the language that limits the maximum height to 60 feet was signed and published. A public hearing for a tax increment financing redevelopment plan entitled: “Redevelopment Plan for the Grant Street Industrial Park Redevelopment Project was held. Resolution 2021-43 approving a tax increment financing redevelopment plan entitled: “Redevelopment Plan for the Grant Street Industrial Park Redevelopment Project was adopted. A public hearing to take comments on the use of the City of Blair's $1.4 million in American Rescue Plan (ARPA) funds was held. Resolution 2021-44 approving the allocation of ARPA funds for the city of Blair; Resolution No. 2021-45 approving a franchise agreement with Cox Communications to provide cable services to the City of Blair and Resolution No. 2021-46 approving an increase in the minimum water usage fees for customers of the municipal water system were all adopted. Council approved an Engineering Agreement with HDR for the Design and Bidding Services for the Expansion of the Blair Water Treatment Plant; approved plans and specifications and authorization to go out for bid for the 2022 Street Asphalt Overlay Project; approved plans and specifications for Brick Street repairs and authorization to go out for bid; awarded the bid to Potable Divers in the amount of $13,500 for the Water Reservoir inspection and cleaning; and approved plans and specifications for boat ramp dock and river dock at the city's Optimist Park and authorization to go out for bid. Resolution No. 2021-47 approving the revised Personnel Manual effective January 1, 2022, for City of Blair Employees; Resolution 2021-48 authorizing "No Parking" signs on the north side of South Street to 100 feet west of 16th Street and Resolution No. 2021-49 setting the date for the Board of Equalization to levy special assessments against properties in Hayden Place Subdivision were all adopted. City Administrator reported the Council Retreat has been set for January 29, 2022 and requested any Council members that cannot make that date to let him know as soon as possible. He also requested they contact him with any specific topics they would like to have on the agenda. The meeting adjourned at 8:38 p.m. The following claims were approved: Abes Portables, Svc, 159.48; Abe's Trash Service Inc, Svc, 1490.47; Abe's Trash Service Inc, Svc, 3432.65; Acreage Fences Inc, Svc, 100.00; Aflac, Dues, 1445.52; Air Products & Chemicals, Inv, 8707.58; Allen Schoemaker, Svc, 416.48; American Underground Supply, Inv, 467.48; Arbor Roofing & Construction, Svc, 50.00; Asce, Svc, 260.00; Atozdatabases, Inv, 1294.00; Automatic Systems Co, Svc, 4349.11; Babkel Mechanical, Svc, 7118.31; Bi-State Motor Parts, Inv, 238.84; Blackburn's Towing & Asap, Svc, 313.51; Blair Ace Hardware, Inv, 1018.64; Blair Fire Department, Svc, 5250.00; Blair Marina, Svc, 3639.70; Blue Cross & Blue Shield Of Ne, Svc, 93278.35; Bound Tree Medical Llc, Inv, 100.08; Calvin Poulsen, Svc, 2070.00; Cappel Auto Supply Inc (Napa), Inv, 63.49; Cdw Government Inc, Inv, 122.43; City Of Blair, Svc, 10.73; City Treasurer, Svc, 180.00; Colibri System, Inv, 789.04; Core & Main, Inv, 12993.91; Counsel Office & Document, Svc, 710.69; Cubby's Inc, Inv, 5538.75; Danko Emergency Equipment Co, Inv, 46.37; Dash Medical Gloves, Inv, 236.31; Deborah Wood, Svc, 250.00; Desirae M Solomon, Svc, 5546.00; Dick's Electric Co, Svc, 21144.30; Door & Window Solutions, Svc, 100.00; Douglas County Treasurer, Svc, 31.13; Dtn, Llc, Svc, 1068.00; Eakes Office Plus, Inv, 1273.01; Eakes Office Plus, Inv, 13.22; Educational Development Corp, Inv, 20.99; Electronic Contracting Co, Svc, 708.40; Emily Morrison, Svc, 25.20; Enterprise Publishing Co, Svc, 3284.88; Eriksen Construction Co Inc, Svc, 21938.07; Ethan Roe, Svc, 344.96; Flood Break, Svc, 16425.00; Gerhold Concrete, Inv, 830.01; Grainger, Inv, 457.00; Great Plains Communications, Svc, 2664.28; Hach Co, Inv, 103.70; Hawkins Construction Co, Svc, 6478.85; Henton Trenching Inc, Svc, 3920.00; Henton Trenching Inc, Svc, 200.00; Home Depot Credit Services, Inv, 626.43; Homefront Protective Group Inc, Svc, 75.00; Hose And Handling Inc, Inv, 2385.15; Ingersoll Rand Company, Svc, 482.80; Ingram Industries Inc, Inv, 389.31; J Nielsen Construction Llc, Svc, 500.00; Jackson Services, Svc, 834.13; James F Kelly Iv, Svc, 550.00; Jdw Midwest Llc, Svc, 1440.00; Jeff Beiermann, Svc, 86.24; Jeo Consulting Group Inc, Svc, 3908.75; Jeo Consulting Group Inc, Svc, 1950.00; Jeredith Brands Llc, Svc, 6625.00; Jetter's Plumbing Inc, Svc, 795.48; John Crane Inc, Svc, 1369.47; Jones Automotive Inc, Svc, 1571.99; Jonesy's Towing, Svc, 200.00; Josiah Stangl, Svc, 500.00; Kb Quality Meats Llc, Svc, 36000.00; Kelly Ryan Equipment Co, Svc, 304.60; Kubota Of Omaha, Inv, 1883.47; Library Ideas, Inv, 511.40; Long's Ok Tire Stores, Svc, 339.90; Luxa Construction, Svc, 219827.71; Marc Jones Construction Llc, Svc, 150.00; Martin Marietta Materials, Inv, 2464.60; Matheson Tri-Gas Inc, Inv, 112.52; Mckinnis Roofing & Sheet, Svc, 50.00; Mckinnis Roofing & Sheet, Svc, 345.80; Micro Marketing Llc, Inv, 330.96; Midwest Automatic Fire, Svc, 260.00; Midwest Laboratories, Svc, 580.10; Midwest Mudjacking Inc, Svc, 700.00; Mississippi Lime Co, Inv, 33430.40; Municipal Emergency Services, Inv, 2113.27; Nebraska Floodplain And, Svc, 35.00; Nebraska Public Health, Svc, 544.00; Officenet, Inv, 461.55; Officeteam, Svc, 791.70; Olson & Stewart Const Inc, Svc, 1000.00; Olsson Associates, Svc, 5923.86; Olsson Associates, Svc, 755.00; Olsson Associates, Svc, 2582.50; One Call Concepts Inc, Svc, 571.45; Ontrac, Svc, 281.58; Oppd, Svc, 84414.80; Orchard Valley Inc, Svc, 500.00; O'reilly Automotive Stores Inc, Inv, 58.97; Oxford Insurance Agency Inc, Svc, 1000.00; Pcan Attn: Tim Lordino, Dues, 25.00; Pioneer Cleaning Llc, Svc, 500.00; Pitney Bowes Inc, Inv, 561.00; Quick Med Claims Llc, Svc, 1845.28; Regional Care Inc, Svc, 800.18; S & S Pumping Service Llc, Svc, 3810.00; S.E. Smith & Sons, Inv, 77.99; Sapp Bros Petroleum Inc, Inv, 2449.01; Schmidt Monument Co Inc, Svc, 1850.00; Security Equipment Inc, Svc, 4224.00; Shi International Corp, Svc, 12137.00; Shredding Solutions, Svc, 150.00; Spartan Stores Llc, Inv, 139.52; Sunset Law Enforcement, Inv, 2498.07; Tbei, Inv, 153.54; The Lincoln National Life, Svc, 3933.90; Thermal Heating Air And, Svc, 4094.89; Thomasson Company, Inv, 40990.00; Thompson Electric Company, Svc, 300.00; Three Rivers Library System, Svc, 10.00; Timeless Homes, Svc, 500.00; Total Truck & Machine Llc, Svc, 15643.06; Truck Center Companies, Svc, 989.09; Trugreen Processing Center, Svc, 1054.35; Ultra Car Wash, Svc, 100.00; Us Cellular, Svc, 432.32; Us Postal Service, Svc, 1310.00; Usa Bluebook, Inv, 425.75; Utilities Section, Svc, 490.00; Verizon 883740345-00001, Svc, 540.81; Washington Co, Svc, 24.00; Washington County Bank, Invest, 210750.58; Washington County Bank, Svc, 171.73; Washington County Chamber, Inv, 1500.00; Washington County Register, Svc, 210.00; Woodhouse Ford Inc, Svc, 87.54. Richard Hansen, Mayor ATTEST: Brenda Wheeler, City Clerk A complete text of the minutes, Resolutions, Ordinances are on file in the office of the City Clerk, 218 S. 16th Street, and are available for public inspection during regular business hours, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. ZNEZ ENT 1-21-22


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