This is not one of those informative Zam Driver Turned Writer columns where you learn about something happening in your community.

Be warned.

This is, actually, one of those columns where I just ramble on about a topic concerning a big sporting event that's just taken place.

If you've read the title of this little write-up, you know, of course, that I'll be touching on the FIFA World Cup in France. The United States Women's National Team defeated the Netherlands 2-0 Sunday to win the title, continuing what's become tradition — the Americans are pretty darn good.

Four times the United States has won the Women's World Cup and all four since I was born, which was surprising to me when I Googled it. The women's soccer event only just began in 1991, which, again, seems late.

One-year-old me doesn't remember the 1991 title, but the 1999 version of myself remembers clearly the Americans topping China on penalty kicks at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif. By that point, I'd started watching every sporting event I could and this one is easily one of the most memorable. Brandi Chastain celebrating is as lasting of image as Muhammad Ali standing over Sonny Liston continues to be.

Growing up in Humphrey, we didn't play soccer — even after that historic World Cup win. Until I went to a cousin's state tournament game at Morrison Stadium in Omaha, I thought the sport was actually pretty boring.

But then my mind changed. I started writing about high school soccer in Wyoming and became a fan of the anticipation. What play — or what mistake — would lead to a goal this time? When will it happen?

Good, competitive soccer, truly, is one of a kind. Thanks to Blair High School and Blair Football Club for keeping the sport strong in Washington County.

And, finally, thanks to the United State women, who've once again inspired girls — and boys — to play the game.

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