Well, we did it.

We had our first sporting events in months last weekend. I watched baseball games in Fort Calhoun, Scribner, Omaha and Blair and was able to snap some new photographs after using old ones in the newspaper for months.

That was good.

But it wasn't normal. In Scribner, the stands were empty as the Arlington Senior Legion baseball team earned its first win in about 10 months. In Omaha at Brown Park, my up-close privileges were denied as I watched the Blair Bears from beyond the outfield fence with the moms and dads.

That's fine, too.

But it was great to be out after so many months away from sports competition. In my brief interactions at these games, I was asked multiple times how long it'd been since I'd covered an actual game. The last time I was asked at the Blair Cubs tournament, and I had an answer.

It was Feb. 29 when the Fort Calhoun boys basketball team competed against the Lincoln Christian Crusaders for a district title. The Pioneers lost, missing out on a state tournament with mostly empty building due to the initial concerns of coronavirus.

Just a day before that, I was at state swimming in Lincoln where a couple of Arlington Eagles competed as Fremont Tigers in the Nebraska Cornhuskers' pool.

That's how long its been since I covered a live sporting event. I'm glad they're back, but remind everyone still to be cautious and safe. Let's make sure the kids don't miss out on games again.

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