It's been quite awhile since I've updated you wonderful Washington County folks on the area's drivers.

And I'm not talking about the ones who refuse to use their blinkers and love to hug the center line.

I'm talking about the county's dirt track drivers — those of the auto racing scene, if you will. The drivers who work hard in the garage to make sure their cars are ready for tracks here in Nebraska and across the river in western Iowa.

I spent some time looking up various local track results and point standings for the results that follow. A couple of these drivers go far and wide to compete as well, but we'll save those results for another time.

Chase Andersen of Fort Calhoun is making his mark at Eagle Raceway near Lincoln this season. His No. 8c IMCA Modified race car has him fifth in the class. Justin Wulf of Arlington is seventh in his No. 86, while Terry Hurt, who has Fort Calhoun ties, got some track time in and is 40th.

Siblings Arie and Ahnna Schouten, meanwhile, are 31st and 34th, respectively, in the Eagle Raceway IMCA Sport Modified standings after a few stops in over the past couple of months. The Schoutens are also 32nd and 33rd at I-80 Speedway near Greenwood.

Speaking of I-80, Eric Wolf Jr. of Blair is sixth in the Sport Modified class. Jim Blazina, meanwhile, is 21st.

The No. 99 car's driver, Colby Olson of Blair, is 23rd in the hobby stock class at I-80, while mid-2000s Blair High School grad Robbie Andersen is ninth in the Super Late Model Class. Daniel Hoevet is 10th in the Stock Car class.

John Klabunde of Fort Calhoun won a B Feature I-80 Sprint race in May. He also tallied a third-place finish in Norfolk while taking part in the Nebraska 360 Sprint Series.

Mark Plowman of Blair has taken his Late Model car out to the Shelby County Speedway in Harlan this summer as well.

Other Washington County race car drivers I found in the past 10 years of Enterprise Media Group archives — Dave Livingston, Jason Overholt, Brad Soll, Jay Stewart, Chris Anderson and Roger Ruwe among them — didn't have any easily accessible 2019 results that I could find in three hours of web searches Tuesday morning (plus US 30 Speedway's Facebook page isn't exactly sports reporter-friendly when it comes to results).

If they — or any other Washington County drivers I haven't listed — would like to fill me in on recent successes, please email me at

If those drivers I listed above are retired, I'm sure they use their blinkers and stay off of the center line … and you should, too.

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