Washington County Fair Rodeo

Rhett Fischer, 5, of Blair holds onto his sheep tight Saturday at the Washington County Fairgrounds.

If you missed it, you're too late.

And that's a shame.

The Washington County Fair was a good time with a lot of events and sports you won't get again until next year within these borders. The concerts won't be as big and the tractor pulls won't be as loud.

As the sports guy at this publication, and just as a guy who grew up in a small town, I hate the idea that “there's nothing to do here.” There absolutely is, you just have to be open to trying things that might not sound all that exciting on the surface. Learning about something new or just going into something with adjusted expectations goes along way.

Not all that applies to the fair, though. We knew what we were getting — a good time. After some baseball on Friday night, I walked over and checked out a concert of a guy I didn't know and wound up chatting with Tyler Farr's dad on the sidelines.

On Saturday, I snapped some more photos of an event that may not sound interesting to everyone, but actually was pretty entertaining — the 4-H Tractor Driving Contest. Then, the rodeo, which I've detailed my love of multiple times in this column.

Sunday was a bit of a downer because watching mud volleyball through a viewfinder isn't anywhere near as fun as playing, but Monday picked me right back up with the Antique Tractor and Truck Pull.

This word was typed Tuesday afternoon, so I still have another tractor pull and the demolition derby ahead of me and I'm all for it.

So, ultimately, what I'm doing is for you if you had the ability to go to the Washington County Fair and didn't. It wasn't just something to do, it was a good time.

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