I'd meant to be at last Saturday's Nebraska Capitol Conference (NCC) wrestling tourney at the start.

I'd left home at the proper time and arrived at Wahoo High School precisely when I should have — 10 a.m.

There was just one major issue. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw tiny bubbles forming on a wet front tire. The bubbles were next to a small nail that would dictate the rest of my sports day.

Now, I should make note that this tire wasn't exactly mine. I'd taken my car into the body shop Jan. 23 to fix a bumper that needed fixing.

That same day, I picked up my Chevy Cruze hatchback rental car. So, what I'm saying is, 50 hours after taking my own car into the shop, I got into my rental and raced to a tire shop in a rental with a slowly leaking tire. That also made me late for the NCC tourney, for your info.

Now, I wish I could go right into the ending of this story now, but, alas, it didn't end here.

I made it to the Wahoo tire shop in time, but I was looking at a wait period — a 75-minute wait period. Then, at the end of that wait, I was told the shop couldn't patch the tire, which had a punctured sidewall. Also, the shop didn't have the tire I needed.


Thankfully, rental cars come with donuts — a spare donut tire. That was enough to get me back to the wrestling tournament, which saw six total Arlington and Fort Calhoun wrestlers win titles.

Afterward, I left — slowly — for Omaha and two new tires. That took another hour, further messing up my Saturday sports day.

Today, all is well. I don't have my car back, but the Cruze is working out fine. It's a crazy road traveled in the sports writing business, but I look forward to the next trip.

Hopefully, there's less bad luck in the future.

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