This is not to say Legion baseball teams aren't doing what they've been asked to, because they are, but the games have kind of made me forget that COVID-19 is a thing.

There really aren't many occurrences that you see or happen that make you feel as if things are different.

At the Shrine Bowl last weekend, however, I felt it. Before the game started in Kearney, we were led in a prayer which mentioned coronavirus. Many on the field — minus coaches, players and officials, obviously — were wearing masks, but the crowd in the stands went largely without. I understand that rows were skipped in the bleachers, but to see that many people in one place, admittedly, made me a bit anxious.

Go ahead and mislabel me as “living in fear” while I showed empathy for others, but I put on mask as the game went on after starting without it. I generally keep to myself when I'm working, but I still wanted to be cautious and courteous with the amount of people around at such a big event. I don't think that would have been too much to ask everybody from the start, but I can understand why it wasn't at an event no one was forced to go to.

But, more than anything, I think its important to make sure we can keep sports going.

All that said, I'm excited for more big events and to be watching the Kansas City Royals again at this time next week. The MLB season starts next Thursday before the NBA comes back July 30.

I've become quite content watching Premier League and Bundesliga soccer from Europe, but, honestly, the return of American sports is quite exciting. It is, at least, as long as both leagues and the players take coronavirus serious and make sure they can continue to play.

Sports are slowly becoming apart of our lives again. Here's hoping we're doing enough to keep them around.

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