Recent Blair High School graduate Dani Thompson now plans to attend Wayne State College.

The multi-sport athlete will study special education and coaching, and looks forward to teaching children.

That's the future, but in Thompson's past is a lot of soccer. She started playing at 3 years old and took on goalkeeping duties at 7.

“None of the girls wanted to do it,” the former Bear said. “I love the challenge.”

Thompson's brothers made her stronger for her spot in goal, but the adrenaline earned on the field amplified her love of it.

The keeper started as a junior on an 8-7 BHS team and looked forward to improving further on her play as a senior before the season was canceled due to coronavirus concerns. She wanted to be more talkative to help her defense and to continue to prove herself as well.

As it stands, though, Thompson will go down as a Class B all-state honorable mention recipient for her play defending the net.

Unlike in soccer, the recent grad was able to complete her BHS volleyball career last fall. Not too many years ago, teammate Katie Frazer convinced her to play.

It turned out to be a good match between the athlete and the sport.

“I was like, 'Yeah, I like this,'” Thompson said.

Using her height, the Bear played in the front row with the middle being her favorite spot in the rotation.

Next, though, the focus is education. Coaching soccer is a definite possibility after her time at Wayne State.

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