Kelsie Premer grew up watching her grandpa coach Fort Calhoun runners.

That experience sealed Jim Meyer's granddaughter's fate early on.

“That's what we do at the Meyer household,” the Pioneer graduate said earlier this month.

In her FCHS running career, Premer competed at the state cross-country meet annually, doing so with family members as coaches — including Meyer. Her teams earned runner-up finishes multiple times at state before she led the squad to its ninth-place finish this past fall.

Track, however, has never been Premer's favorite. She's joined each year, in large part, because of the people involved.

This spring, though, Fort Calhoun senior was looking forward to season — her last. For once in her career, she'd be healthy.

Two years earlier, during her sophomore track season, Premer learned the she “was strong enough to break my own hip.” She'd earned personal records in the three meets prior and had looked forward to the possibility of more PRs this year.

Instead, Premer noted a virtual track she took part since the season's cancellation due to COVID-19. There were eggs on spoons and other elementary field day events, but also an 800 run. The recent grad was happy to report that she beat her brothers in that race.

Now, Premer starts her journey toward becoming a third-generation teacher. She'll study at the University of Nebraska-Omaha with a focus on secondary special education.

The FCHS runner said that one of her first teachers, Ali Romans, taught her that learning was fun — a message that's helped guide her as well.

As for running, Premer doesn't see competitions in her future. That said, she'll run to stay in shape and a color run or two may still be in the cards. It's what they do in her household after all.

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