Washington Co

Board of Supervisors

The Board met at 3:03 p.m. on Tuesday, August 13, 2019 in the Supervisor’s meeting room at the Courthouse in Blair, Nebr. Present: Chairman Steve Dethlefs, Co Board Members, Jordan Rishel, Lisa Kramer, Bob Frahm, Andy Andreasen, Steven Kruger and Jay Anderson.  Also present, Co Clk Barb Sullivan, Chief Deputy Kevin Willis, and Co Atty Scott Vander Schaaf.  Bill Hansel asked to strike the following item from agenda: Adopt Res 2019-12, County Annual Certification of Program Compliance.  Board unanimously approved the revised agenda for August 13, minutes from the July 23 meeting and monthly fee reports. Claims were received, reviewed and approved unanimously.  Board voted unanimously to accept and place on file correspondence from the following: 1. Meeting notice from Lower Platte North Natural Resources District. 2. Letter of resignation from Niki Ferguson as Project Manager for Gateway Development.  3. Rezoning request application from Douglas Co.  4. Letter from Terry Jessen requesting to support the petition drive by TrueNebraskans to place property tax relief measure on the 2020 ballot.  Bill Hansel, Hwy Supt, gave a brief update to Road Dept projects and personnel.  Hansel discussed with Board financing bids that were opened at 7/23 meeting.  Board voted unanimously to rescind motion to award US Bank financing for Tractor Truck.  Hansel opened the following new bids for financing of Tractor Truck: 1. Two Rivers Bank, 4.75% interest, $133,504 total.  2. US Bank, 2.51% interest, $126,811 total.  3. Wash Co Bank, 3.39% interest, $129,668 total.  Board voted unanimously to award financing to US Bank.  Hansel then went over contract with Speece Lewis between FEMA and Wash Co for project on County Line, south of Hwy 91, and stated Speece Lewis will perform identified work in the contract for a fee of $21,650.  Steve Harshman and Don Heuerman spoke. Board unanimously authorized Chairman to sign contract with Speece Lewis.  Andreasen left meeting. Hansel explained JEO Consulting Group, Inc Change Order is for an extension of substantial and final completion date due to flooding and wet site conditions.  Board unanimously authorized Chairman to sign Extension.  Hansel discussed the following State bids for motor graders: 1. John Deere, $302,548 total, $151,348 after trade in.  2. Caterpillar, $312,440 total, $177,440 after buy back.  Board voted unanimously to approve State bids.  Hansel then opened the following financing bids for a 2019 Caterpillar motor grader:  1. Two Rivers Bank, 4.75% interest, $197,949.40 total. 2. US Bank, 2.51% interest, $187,562.95 total.  3. Washington County Bank, 3.39% interest, $191,588.90 total.  Board unanimously awarded financing to US Bank.  Kramer left meeting.  Lastly, Hansel presented the Speece Lewis contract between Wash Co and Cedar Valley Corp for Co Rd 32.  Total contracted amount is $3,997,906 with a completion date of Oct 2020.  Board voted to authorize Chairman to sign contract between Wash Co and Cedar Valley Corp with 4 members voting aye, Anderson voting nay.  Kramer returned to meeting.  Jared Schleifer, Weitz Construction, gave a brief update to Justice Center project.  Nancy Wilson and Rob Nieto discussed their concerns regarding property in Spring Valley.  Kevin Willis, Chf Dpty, discussed interlocal agreement with Arlington and Ft Calhoun Schools for full time school resource officer and stated that the Co Atty reviewed and approved of agreement.  Board voted unanimously to approve interlocal agreement.  Andrew Forney, DA Davidson, passed out a Municipal Market update with interest rates and discussed pursuing issuance of Law Enforcement Center Bonds for remaining $8.5 million.  Board had already approved the issuance per Resolution for the entire $24.5 million so no Board action is needed.   Kruger discussed preliminary figures for the 2019-2020 Budget. A public hearing to discuss proposed budget is scheduled for August 27 at 4:00 p.m.  Board discussed Distress Warrant Report of Sheriff’s activity on the 2018 Distress Warrants and Credit Bureau Report on old collections.  Board voted unanimously to receive and place on file Treasurer’s list of taxpayers that have not paid and authorize turning delinquent accounts over to Credit Bureau.  Board unanimously voted to table Co Weed yearly review as Dave Boschult, Neb Dept of Agriculture Inspector, was not present. At 4:23 p.m. the Board voted unanimously to go into closed session for the purpose of discussing attorney/client privileged information regarding current, potential, and/or imminent threat of litigation involving Washington Co.  Present were 6 Board members, Co Atty Vander Schaaf, and Deputy Atty Desirae Solomon.  Board unanimously voted to end closed session at 4:38 p.m.  No action in open session.  No public comments.  Committee Reports: Jail Comm discussed parking issues around Courthouse and complaints received about mud in streets.  Road Comm discussed motor grader purchase.  Kramer discussed concerns of having Emergency Manager’s office being temporarily located in multi-purpose room in basement of Courthouse. 



EMPLOYEES, Payroll 7/26/2019, 188,199.06; AMERITAS LIFE INSURANCE CORP, Retirement, 12,915.82; UNITED HEALTHCARE INS CO, Ins, 47,751.76; WASHINGTON COUNTY BANK, FICA/MEDI, 13,563.59; WASHINGTON COUNTY BANK, Ins, 8,058.76.


EMPLOYEES, Payroll 8/09/2019, 185,524.85; AMERITAS LIFE INSURANCE CORP, Retirement, 12,907.73; UNITED HEALTHCARE INS CO, Ins, 47,514.58; WASHINGTON COUNTY BANK, FICA/MEDI, 13,286.21; WASHINGTON COUNTY BANK, Ins, 7,596.50; ABE'S TRASH SERVICE INC, Serv, 189.00; ADVANCED CORRECTIONAL HEALTHCARE, Inmate Care, 2,697.64; ALL MAKES OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO, Copier Lease, 133.04; AMERICAN DATA TECHNOLOGY, Serv, 489.50; FAITH ANDREASEN, Service, 295.75; ANDY'S MOW TOWN INC, Supplies, 239.99; ANTELOPE COUNTY SHERIFF, Inmate Housing/Care, 4,935.00; AWARDS PLUS, Supplies, 152.00; AMANDA BARRON LAW LLC, Court Appt Atty, 1,211.25; LORI BENSEN, Reimb Postage, 29.20; BISHOP BUSINESS, Copier Lease, 81.45; BLACK HILLS ENERGY, Serv, 93.84; BLAIR ACE HARDWARE, Supplies, 255.13; BLAIR GARDEN CENTER, Supplies, 108.00; BLAIR RENT-IT-CENTER, Lease, 148.73; BLAIR TELEPHONE CO, Serv, 2,045.36; BOMGAARS, Supplies, 252.60; EMILY BORMANN, Mileage, 55.68; BUTLER COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE, Fees, 18.00; CARQUEST AUTO PARTS, Supplies, 13.80; CASH-WA DISTRIBUTING, Food Services, 1,198.62; CITY OF BLAIR, Serv, 734.79; CITY OF FORT CALHOUN, Unit Lease, 50.00; CLARK PEST & TERMITE CONTROL, Serv, 76.00; CLERK OF THE SUPREME COURT, Appeals, 126.00; CLERK OF THE SUPREME COURT NEBRASKA, Appeals, 126.00; CONSOLIDATED MANAGEMENT COMPANY, Food Charges, 447.54; CONSTELLATION ENERGY, Serv, 75.84; CORNHUSKER STATE INDUSTRIES, Supplies, 348.00; COUNTRY TIRE INC, Serv, 692.72; CUBBYS CORPORATE OFFICE, Fuel, 170.91; DAVID CITY DISCOUNT PHARMACY, Inmate Care, 537.71; DORNAN, TROIA, HOWARD, Court Appt Atty, 3,340.00; DOUGLAS COUNTY COURT, Fees, 2.75; DAN DOUGLAS, Reimb Fuel, 281.89; DREW LAW FIRM PC LLO, Court Appt Atty, 225.00; ENTERPRISE MEDIA GROUP, Publishing/Notices, 900.45; FAIRWAY OIL COMPANY, Fuel, 748.60; FASTENAL COMPANY, Supplies, 21.00; FIRST NATIONAL BANK VISA, Lodging, 263.53; FIRST NATIONAL BANK VISA, Supplies, 179.00; FIRST NATIONAL BANK, Travel Expense, 605.55; FIRST NATIONAL BANK VISA, Supplies, 7.98; FIRST NATIONAL BANK VISA, Regist, 148.17; FIRST NATIONAL BANK, Serv, 416.16; FIRST NATIONAL BANK, Postage, 11.50; FIRST NATIONAL BANK VISA, Serv, 9.99; FORNOFF & SCHUTT PC, Court Appt Atty, 1,642.50; HIPNAR AUTO PARTS & TOWING, Repairs, 110.00; HIRCHERT-OLSEN AUTO SERVICE INC., Serv, 415.85; MARJORIE HOIER, Mileage, 45.82; PAMELA LYNN HOPKINS, Court Appt Atty, 1,020.00; HUNTEL COMMUNICATIONS INC, Serv, 150.00; IDEAL PURE WATER, Serv, 159.14; INTERNATIONAL CODE COUNCIL INC, Supplies, 1,086.37; IOWA DEPT OF PUBLIC HEALTH, Supplies, 15.00; JOHNSON & MOCK ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Court Appt Atty, 2,031.35; AMY KIES, Reimb Postage, 187.03; KONICA MINOLTA BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, Copier Lease, 249.62; KUENY & BEGLEY LAW OFFICES, Court Appt Atty, 4,707.00; LONG'S OK TIRE STORES, Repairs, 74.00; JORDAN LUXA, Mileage, 55.68; MCCHESNEY FAMILY LAW GROUP, Court Appt Atty, 885.00; MCGOUGH LAW P.C., L.L.O., Court Appt Atty, 480.00; BEN MCSHANE-JEWELL, Mileage/Supplies, 70.21; MENARDS - FREMONT, Supplies, 178.53; MICROSOFT, Serv, 8,112.00; MMC MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS, INC., Repairs, 300.00; MULTI-COUNTY INFORMATION &, Serv, 1,297.03; NEBRASKA COUNTY ATTORNEY ASSOC, Regist, 1,813.00; NEBRASKA LAW ENFORCEMENT, Training, 310.00; NEBRASKA.GOV, Fees, 4.00; GLADYS NELSON, Serv, 139.50; NORTHEAST NEBR JUVENILE SERV INC, Serv, 217.50; O'REILLY AUTOMOTIVE INC, Supplies, 29.36; OFFICE DEPOT, Supplies, 260.26; OFFICE DEPOT, Supplies, 1,306.15; OFFICE NET, Supplies, 1,428.48; OFFICE WAREHOUSE, Supplies, 36.00; OLSON & STEWART CONSTRUCTION, Serv/Concrete, 428.00; OMAHA PUBLIC POWER DISTRICT, Serv, 7,882.21; OTIS ELEVATOR COMPANY INC, Serv, 7,093.09; CALVIN POULSEN, GIS Serv, 1,600.00; POUNDS PRINTING INC, Signs, 125.00; RADAR ROAD TEC, Supplies, 105.00; RADIO ACCOUNTING SERVICE, Advertising, 735.00; HUGH P. REEFE, Court Appt Atty, 1,815.00; KRIS ROBINSON, Mileage, 952.36; DEBBIE SAVILLE, Mileage/Supplies, 145.21; SE SMITH & SONS, Supplies, 12.79; SECURITY EQUIPMENT INC, Supplies, 279.00; SHERIDAN COUNTY CLERK, Regist, 50.00; SHOTWELL GLASS LLC, Serv, 270.00; SID DILLON CHEV-OLDS-PONT, INC, Serv, 67.95; SMITTY'S AUTO SERVICE INC, Serv/Parts, 1,645.56; STAPLES BUSINESS CREDIT, Supplies, 288.57; DAS STATE ACCNTING-CENTRAL FINANCE, Serv, 1,280.01; RYAN SULLIVAN, Mileage, 56.26; TOTAL FIRE & SECURITY, INC., Inspections, 330.00; ADAM R TRIPP, Court Appt Atty, 578.00; TURNKEY TECHNOLOGY, LLC, Serv, 4,230.00; ULTRA CAR WASH, Serv, 400.00; US BANK EQUIPMENT FINANCE, Copier Lease, 169.57; JIM VAN CLEAVE, Mileage, 553.90; M SCOTT VANDERSCHAAF, Fees, 50.00; VERIZON WIRELESS, Serv, 52.40; VERIZON WIRELESS, Serv, 54.62; VILLAGE OF ARLINGTON, Unit Lease, 50.00; WALGREENS #11957, Supplies, 200.00; WALKERS UNIFORM RENTAL, Serv, 28.38; JENNIFER D. WALKINGSTICK, Court Appt Atty, 357.20; WANEK PHARMACY, Inmate Care, 223.14; WASHINGTON COUNTY AG SOCIETY, Fair Premium, 15,000.00; WASHINGTON COUNTY COURT, Court Costs, 1,540.75; WASHINGTON COUNTY SHERIFF, Cost on Fees, 300.73; WATCH GUARD VIDEO, Supplies, 230.00; WEX BANK, Fuel, 6,747.43; WOODHOUSE FORD INC, Repairs/Parts, 1,330.30.


EMPLOYEES, Payroll 7/26/2019, 46,241.60; AMERITAS LIFE INSURANCE CORP, Retirement, 3,121.27; UNITED HEALTHCARE INS CO, Ins, 12,218.06; WASHINGTON COUNTY BANK, FICA/MEDI, 3,365.55; WASHINGTON COUNTY BANK, Ins, 1,873.70.


EMPLOYEES, Payroll 8/09/2019, 45,624.53; AMERITAS LIFE INSURANCE CORP, Retirement, 3,079.62;

UNITED HEALTHCARE INS CO, Ins, 12,217.81; WASHINGTON COUNTY BANK, FICA/MEDI, 3,322.80; WASHINGTON COUNTY BANK, Ins, 1,873.71; ABE'S TRASH SERVICE INC, Serv, 68.00; ASPHALT & CONCRETE MATERIALS, CO, Supplies, 658.00; B'S ENTERPRISE INC, Supplies, 61,099.92; BI-STATE MOTOR PARTS INC, Parts, 1,117.57; BLAIR TELEPHONE CO, Serv, 80.99; BLUFF GRAVEL COMPANY, Gravel, 870.60; CAPPEL AUTO SUPPLY, INC., Tools/Parts, 77.96; CARQUEST AUTO PARTS, Parts/Supplies, 181.69; CNH INDUSTRIAL CAPITAL, Parts, 334.30; COUNTRY TIRE INC, Tires, 703.42; CULLIGAN OF OMAHA, Supplies, 63.00; DIXON CONSTRUCTION CO, Serv, 86,078.77; FASTENAL COMPANY, Supplies, 24.87; WILLIAM HANSEL, Reimb, 54.00; HARMS OIL COMPANY - OMAHA, Fuel, 10,094.65; HENTON TRENCHING, INC, Serv, 100.00; HOTSY EQUIPMENT COMPANY INC, Labor, 643.72; HUFF TIRE, INC., Tires, 958.93; PHILIP JENSEN, Equip Rental, 833.76; JOHN DEERE CREDIT, INC., Parts, 130.55; JOHNSON SAND & GRAVEL COMPANY, Gravel/Equip Rental, 8,871.89; DALE R JOHNSON ENT, INC., Gravel/Equip Rental, 2,865.02; KENNARD TRANSFER, Equip Rental, 3,077.76; KNUDSEN OIL & FEED, Fuel, 1,234.70; LIGHT AND SIREN, Parts, 653.00; LYMAN-RICHEY SAND & GRAVEL COMPANY, Gravel, 24,251.25; MATHESON TRIGAS DBA LINWELD, Supplies, 92.07; MIDWEST SERVICE & SALES CO, Supplies, 22,261.21; NEBRASKA IOWA SUPPLY COMPANY, Fuel, 3,967.63; NEBRASKA SALT & GRAIN COMPANY, Supplies, 7,342.69; NMC EXCHANGE LLC, Equip Rental/Labor, 4,041.34; O'REILLY AUTOMOTIVE INC, Parts, 156.76; OFFICE NET, Supplies, 264.63; OMAHA PUBLIC POWER DISTRICT, Serv, 610.71; OMAHA SLINGS INC, Parts, 749.28; POUNDS PRINTING INC, Supplies, 56.00; POWERPLAN, Parts/Equip Rental, 9,032.92; RDO TRUCK CENTER CO, Parts, 303.64; RHEA CATTLE CO., INC., Serv, 487.50; SAPP BROS, INC, Fuel, 5,155.18; SE SMITH & SONS, Parts, 268.73; STALP GRAVEL COMPANY, Gravel/Equip Rental, 31,294.56; THE CURE, INC, Supplies, 43.92; THERMO KING CHRISTENSEN, Supplies, 95.00; TRUCK CENTER COMPANIES, Parts, 1,780.37; VERIZON WIRELESS, Serv, 163.86; WALKERS UNIFORM RENTAL, Serv, 217.84; WASHINGTON COUNTY TREASURER, Title/License, 20.00; WICK'S STERLING TRUCKS, INC, Parts, 1,839.96; WOODHOUSE FORD INC, Parts, 70.73.




BRANDON JERRED, Reimb/Conference, 427.35; TIM PRIVITERA, Reimb/Conference, 228.06; TRISHA TROIA, Reimb/Conference, 436.14.




BLAIR TELEPHONE CO, Serv, 323.46; CENTURYLINK, Serv, 584.68.

E-911 FUND

B'S ENTERPRISE INC, Signs, 126.20; BLAIR TELEPHONE CO, Serv, 119.64; CENTURYLINK, Serv, 216.26; MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS, Serv, 5,414.05.

Meeting was adjourned.  Steve Dethlefs, Chairman: Attest: Barbara Sullivan, County Clerk.  A complete text of the minutes and Resolutions are on file in the office of the County Clerk, 1555 Colfax St., and are available for public inspection during regular business hours, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.


Published in the Enterprise Friday, August 23, 2019.

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