City of Blair Regular

Council Meeting

May 8, 2018

The Mayor and Council of the City of Blair, Nebraska, met in regular session in the City Council Chambers on May 8, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. The following were present: Present: Brad Andersen, Kevin Hall, Ben Hansen, Chris Jensen, Jon Stewart, Frank Wolff, Absent: Marty Shepard, Kevin Willis. Also present were: Mayor Realph, City Administrator Storm, Assistant City Administrator Green, Director of Public Works Schoemaker, City Treasurer Frahm, Police Chief Lager, Parks/Cemetery Superintendent Long and City Attorney Solomon.  Meeting called to order and introductions at 7:00 p.m. by Mayor Realph followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Consent Agenda approved the following:  3a) Approval of Minutes of the April 24, 2018 meeting, 3b)                Clerk report of Mayoral Action of April 24, 2018 meeting, 3c) City Department reports for April 2018, 3d) April claims as recommended by Finance Committee and 3e) Consider a manager application in reference to the Liquor License for Walmart, Inc - 1882 Holly St.   Conditional Use Permit submitted by Ag- Land Investments, LTD, 953 Westridge Dr., Blair, NE, for mini-storage inside older block building and new building, as well as outdoor storage of campers and boats but no construction equipment, all on Lot 11 less W 6.1' & Lot 12 & part of vacated Grant Street, Block 83 (245 S 10th St), Blair City, Nebraska, for ten (10) years with the stipulation the fence along Grant Street is slatted.  Rezone application submitted by WP, LLC, 2171 S Hwy 30, Blair, NE 68008, for Tax Lot 83, in Section 23, Township 18 North, Range 11 East of the 6th P.M., (2270 S Hwy 30), Blair City, Washington County, Nebraska, to rezone from RM-Residential Medium Density District to A/CH-Agricultural/Highway Commercial District was approved by Ordinance 2359 being signed and published.  Final Plat application submitted by Angels Share, 5060 Dodge St, Ste 2001, Omaha, NE 68132, for Transformation Hill Addition, Lots 1- 15, being a platting of all of Tax Lots 38,39,63,74,75,76,77,83,84,85,91, 100,101,199, and the southeast Quarter of the northeast Quarter (SE 1/4 NE 1/4) in Section 10; Tax Lots 363,364,410,423, 424,539, 540,542,643 in Section 11; all in Township 18 North, Range 11 East of the 6th P.M., Blair City, Washington County, Nebraska was approved as presented. Ordinance No. 2360 updating the Future Land Use Map for Lots 11 - 26, Transformation Hill Addition, from "Public/Quasi-Public" to "Residential-Multifamily"; for Lots 28 - 57, Transformation Hill Addition, from "Public/Quasi-Public" to "Residential - Single Family"; and for Lots 1 - 10, Crowell Addition, from "Public/Quasi-Public" to "Residential - Single Family", all in Blair City, Washington County, Nebraska was signed and published. Ordinance No. 2361 disconnecting a parcel of real estate adjacent to Transformation Hill Addition from the corporate limits of the City of Blair was signed and published. Resolution No. 2018-11 amending the City’s One and Six Year Plan for the new streets within Transformation Hill Addition was signed and adopted. Council approved the engineering agreement with JEO Engineering for design and construction inspection of the public improvements for Transformation Hill Addition in the amount of $86,750.  Ordinance No. 2362 creating Paving District 198 – Viking Circle in Transformation Hill Addition and Ordinance No. 2363 creating Paving District 199 - Krejci Boulevard in Transformation Hill Addition were both signed and published. Council awarded the following bids for chemicals at the Water Treatment Plant for 2019 to the low bidders as follows: 1) CO2 - Air Products - $0.0375/lb, 2) Quick Lime - Pete Lien - $0.09/lb, 3) Fluoride - Hawkins - $0.31/lb, 4) Chlorine - Hawkins -$0.455/lb, 5) Aluminum Sulfate - UNIVAR - $0.415/lb and 6) Sodium Permanganate – Hawkins - $1.279/lb.  Council rejected all bids received and authorized the rebid of the 2018 sanitary sewer improvements project in the fall of 2018.  Council approved the Engineering Agreement with Burns and McDonnell to provide preliminary design services for a new water intake structure along the Missouri River for the city's Water Treatment Plant.  Council awarded the bid to Woodhouse Nissan for a new park truck in the amount of $22,124. City Administrator Storm stated that starting with the next Council meeting, there will be meetings of the Community Development Agency prior to the City Council meeting at 6:30 p.m.   If the Council decides to not move forward with TIF then those projects would stop, and meetings of the Community Development Agency would not be required. The following claims were approved: Aaron Barrow,  Meal Per & Fuel Reim Fbi Conf,  105.50; Abes Portables,  Serv,  200.00; Abe's Trash Service Inc,  Serv,  2809.00; Abe's Trash Service Inc,  Serv,  1375.40; Acco,  Chem,  731.00; Accurate Locksmiths Inc,  Serv,  203.00; Air Products & Chemicals,  Chem,  6230.93; Allen Schoemaker,  Mile/Meal/Hotel Reim Des Moine,  1323.72; American Cemetery Supplies Inc,  Sup,  928.74; American Public Works Assoc,  Dues 7/1/18-6/30/19,  495.00; American Underground Supply,  Cred,  4479.45; American Water Works Assoc,  Prod,  300.00; Amy Dishman,  Serv,  350.00; Ap Plumbing,  Lions Park Bathroom Prj,  3500.00; Arps Concrete Co Inc,  Prod,  767.75; Asphalt & Concrete Material,  Prod,  696.93; Asphalt & Concrete Material,  Prod,  763.86; Baird,  Holm & Mceachen,  Fee,  71.00; Baker & Taylor Books,  Bks,  1607.54; Barco Products,  Sup,  252.44; Bart Moore Subcontracting Inc,  Ref,  200.00; Benefit Plans Inc,  Pension Expense Pd,  1097.50; Bennett Construction,  Ref,  200.00; Bi-State Motor Parts,  Pts,  61.92; Black Hills Energy,  4300 2195 46,  2640.39; Blair Ace Hardware,  Prod,  28.97; Blair Ace Harware,  Prod,  1301.15; Blair Garden Center,  Serv,  1467.95; Blair Telephone Co,  Util,  2475.62; Blair Youth Sports Complex,  2018 Annual Maint Fee,  25000.00; Blue Cross & Blue Shield Of Ne,  Insurance Premium,  65151.60; Bomgaars Supply,  Prod,  1356.95; Boo Inc,  Prod,  4068.87; Boyd Jones Construction Co,  Ref,  500.00; Calco Enterprises Inc,  Serv,  14000.00; Calco Enterprises Inc,  Lions Park Restroom Prj,  19500.00; Calvin Poulsen,  Serv,  1650.00; Cappel Auto Supply Inc (Napa),  Sup,  231.68; Carquest Auto Parts,  Pts,  442.06; Carroll Construction Supply,  Prod,  1669.25; Cash,  Po,  182.03; Ccp Industries Inc,  Prod,  771.13; City Of Blair Payroll Fund,  Med Ins,  124497.53; City Of Blair Payroll Fund,  Pr,  130853.14; City Of Blair Payroll Fund,  Ss,  9366.21; City Of Blair Payroll Fund,  Ss,  9858.01; City Of Blair Payroll Fund,  Pen,  7133.20; City Of Blair Payroll Fund,  Pen,  9227.15; City Of Blair Utilities,  Util,  160.47; Clark Jensen,  Ref,  500.00; Colibri Systems North America,  Prod,  485.04; Connie Hagedorn,  Mileage For April 2018,  8.72; Consolidated Management Co,  Serv,  419.49; Core Bank,  Hsa City Dep. To Empl Accts,  21383.33; Counsel Office & Document,  Serv,  897.44; Country Tire Inc,  Serv,  15.00; Cubby's Inc,  Fuel,  5687.05; D P C Industries Inc,  Chem,  6794.64; Daniel & Bobbie Anderson,  Ref,  50.00; Danko Emergency Equipment Co,  Cred,  321.70; Daubert Construction,  Ref,  500.00; Deborah Wood,  Serv,  250.00; Den Hartog Industries Inc,  Prod,  472.06; Desirae M Solomon,  Serv,  4850.00; Dick's Electric Co,  Serv,  8382.41; Dj's Repair Inc,  Serv,  545.18; Dolby Artistry Llc,  Prod,  450.00; Douglas County Landfill,  Serv,  45.04; Eakes Office Plus,  Sup,  120.21; Eco-R-Consulting,  Serv,  4255.50; Electronic Contracting Co,  Serv,  609.00; Enterprise Publishing Co Inc,  Serv,  3476.95; Eric Adams Contracting,  Ref,  50.00; Fairfield Inn & Suites,  Trv,  209.90; Fastenal Company,  Prod,  435.13; Felsburg Holt & Ullevig,  Serv,  1778.75; First National Bank,  Marriott Dc,  3993.63; First National Bank,  Fee,  1012.70; Friends Of The Jeanette Hunt,  April To June 2018 Agreement,  15582.50; Frost Fiber Tech,  Serv,  3760.00; Galls Llc,  Prod,  65.40; Galls Llc,  Prod,  50.30; Gayle Roberts,  Sup,  23.58; Gayle Roberts,  Hyvee Purchases/Summer Reading,  206.55; Gempler's,  Prod,  292.89; Gerhold Concrete,  Prod,  4600.19; Gonzalez Companies Llc,  Serv,  6324.50; Grainger,  Prod,  85.64; Great Commission Baptist Chur,  Ref,  50.00; H D R Engineering Inc,  Serv,  7500.00; Hach Co,  Prod,  368.80; Hamilton Equipment Co,  Serv,  154.33; Henton Trenching,  4/24/18 Rental,  9700.00; Hooper Heating & Cooling Llc,  Serv,  110.00; Horizon Rehabilitation Centers,  Med,  140.00; Howard D Thompson Agency,  Serv,  675.00; I C M A,  Rodney Storm Dues,  957.76; J Nielsen Construction Llc,  Ref,  500.00; Jackson Services,  Serv,  605.15; James & Kay Erwin,  Cem Lots,  400.00; Jeff Quinn,  Serv,  200.00; Jeo Consulting Group Inc,  Serv,  26080.30; Jm Web Designs Inc,  Serv,  325.00; John Deere Financial Sales,  Serv,  165.14; Jonesy's Towing,  Serv,  350.00; Josh Madsen,  Serv,  4520.07; Justin & Melissa Inget,  Ref,  500.00; Kelly Ryan Equipment Co Inc,  Serv,  1595.80; Kory & Christen Deming,  Ref,  500.00; Kristina Mckee,  Ref,  50.00; League Of Municipalities,  200.00; Lecc/Joe Jeanette,  2018 Lecc Conference - Lager,  140.00; Library Ideas,  Bks,  109.85; Logan Contractors Supply,  Sup,  917.00; Long's Ok Tire Stores,  Serv,  564.00; Lowell Kubie,  Mile & Meal Per Diem Des Moine,  213.27; Mark Hodson,  Meal Fer Diem Des Moines Apwa,  73.75; Martin Marietta Materials,  Prod,  425.86; Memorial Community Hospital,  Serv,  56.00; Metal Doors & Hardware Co,  Prod,  4029.00; Michael Todd & Company Inc,  Prod,  443.80; Micro Marketing Llc,  Mat,  74.98; Microfilm Imaging Systems Inc,  Serv,  288.00; Midwest Fireworks Wholesalers,  Serv,  6000.00; Midwest Laboratories,  Serv,  1193.00; Mississippi Lime Co,  Chem,  49993.82; Municipal Supply Inc Omaha,  Sup,  5470.59; Nalco Company,  Chem,  57831.78; Nebraska Dept Of Revenue,  State Sales Tax For March,  10479.90; Nebraska Environmental,  Prod,  1454.45; Nebraska Law Enforcement,  Trn,  335.00; Nebraska Public Health,  Serv,  406.00; Nebraska-Iowa Supply,  Sup,  461.18; Neels Trailer Outlet Inc,  Trailer,  1615.00; Odeys Inc,  Prod,  794.90; Officenet,  Sup,  613.68; O'keefe Elevator Co Inc,  Serv,  260.00; Olson & Stewart Const,  Serv,  1619.94; Omaha Neon Sign Co,  Ref,  50.00; One Call Concepts Inc,  Serv,  100.71; One Source,  Serv,  30.00; Onsite Services Solutions,  Llc,  Serv,  1585.00; Ontrac,  Serv,  177.00; Oppd,  Util,  82425.06; O'reilly Automotive Stores Inc,  Pts,  81.91; Osp Inc,  Serv,  600.00; Phil Green,  Trv,  360.59; Pioneer Cleaning Llc,  Serv,  500.00; Pioneer Telephone,  Util,  72.23; Pitney Bowes,  Sup,  187.00; Pounds Printing Inc,  Serv,  673.00; Recorded Books Llc,  Bks,  375.00; Regional Care Inc,  April 2018 Admin Bill - City,  515.50; Regional Care Inc,  Dental Care,  5047.53; Riggs Roofing Co,  Ref,  50.00; S & S Pumping Service Llc,  Serv,  5110.00; S E Smith & Sons,  Sup,  39.65; Sak Construction,  Llc,  Serv,  51809.00; Sapp Bros Petroleum Inc,  Fuel,  959.40; Schemmer,  Serv,  1175.00; Shredding Solutions,  Serv,  63.30; Sid Dillon,  Prod,  95.00; Spartan Stores,  Llc,  Sup,  106.10; Standard Heating & Air Inc,  Lions Park Bathroom Prj,  7850.00; Sts Truck Service,  Serv,  795.10; Symbolarts,  Sup,  75.00; T & W Cleaning Service,  Serv,  3600.00; The Lincoln National Life,  Ins,  3556.74; The Sign Depot,  Prod,  52.53; Thompson Construction Co,  Serv 2017 Water Main Final Pmt,  66632.60; Tlic Worldwide Inc,  Serv,  1964.75; Tnt Waterblasting Llc,  Serv,  1547.75; U S A Bluebook,  Prod,  508.20; U S Postal Service,  Po Bills Due 5/10/18,  1100.05; U S Postal Service,  Po,  2000.00; Ultra Car Wash,  Serv,  100.00; Verizon,  Serv,  280.09; Vessco Inc,  Chem,  222.50; Walmart Mastercard/Syncb,  Camera For Mark Hodson,  152.23; Washington County Bank,  2004 & 2015 Sewer Bond Int Pmn,  23223.75; Washington County Bank,  Nsf Ach Evonik 12057600,  42.67; Washington County Bank,  Bank & Monthly Ach Fees,  270.38; Washington County Register,  Serv,  114.00; Woods & Aitken Llp,  Serv,  3298.74; Woods & Aitken Llp,  Legal Fee,  1566.00.  Meeting adjourned at 8:39 p.m. 

James Realph, Mayor


Brenda Wheeler, City Clerk

A complete text of the minutes, Resolutions, Ordinances are on file in the office of the City Clerk, 218 S. 16th Street, and are available for public inspection during regular business hours, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.


Published in the Pilot-Tribune Tuesday, May 29, 2018.

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