Fort Calhoun Youth Football

Fort Calhoun Youth Sports Organization (FCYSO) Jr. Midget defenders Presley Olberding, from left, Korbin Klein and Beau Ruma tackle a Conestoga ball carrier Sunday at Fort Calhoun High School.

This will be short and sweet because, as per usual, I'm running around like a chicken with its head cut off this week.

Starting with that kind of brutal imagery probably wasn't best for the subject material, but here we go.

I checked out two youth football games on Sunday because my Zamboni-driving second job is on a break at the moment. I could have taken the day off and watched the Packers beat the Cowboys (yay!), but I decided to check out some Blair Youth and Fort Calhoun Youth Sports Organization football instead (see the photos somewhere in Sports if you're currently reading the Enterprise).

It was worth it.

Little kid football isn't always pretty, but it always make you smile. Sometimes, the youngsters are weighed down by their helmets, and other times everything fits perfect and you can tell who's going to be a future standout.

This year, I made it to games from each of the three youth tackle football organizations. All three made me happy to see the sport I love has a future.

I don't care about who's standing out and who's going to be the next big thing in high school, I just love that kids are having fun. Keep at it kiddos!

Arlington JH football notes

Another thing I love is the fact that Arlington junior high football coach Steve Johnson takes the time to write recaps and fill me in on how his junior high football team is doing. Read on to see what the Eagles have going on.

On Oct. 3, the Logan View Raiders topped Arlington 20-6. Kaden Foust capped the Eagles' only touchdown drive of the day on a 20-yard run during the first half. Johnson said the offensive line, passes from Nolan May to Jacob Beans, and runs by Jacob Meehan and Foust were key during the 60-yard drive.

“Coaches felt the team showed some real growth this week,” Johnson wrote. “Logan View has a very good team, and our small squad kept up their efforts for the entire game.”

Thanks Steve!

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